Monday Musings

Welcome back to the best part of your Monday!

(That’s what I like to keep telling myself, anyway… ;-))

Continued Thoughts on Potty Training

Pardon me for just a sec…

[Washes hands]

There we go.

It’s been one week since we began our blitzkrieg approach to potty training Sienna, Jovie, and Rowan…swapping their diapers out for big girl underwear (or nothing at all)…and although some progress has been made, it’s more along the lines of two steps forward, one step back:

  • Jovie is still leading the charge and is almost fully trained, even using the “big” potty on occasion. We’ve always said that she’d be the first to do it, now sure enough…
  • Rowan had shown interest at first, but has since become terrified of using her potty and not having a diaper on. Yet she still cheer’s Jovie when we applaud her, and even want’s to “help” her when it’s time to flush.
  • Sienna is and has been our biggest challenge. Most of the time, she doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that she is, you know…going…even without a diaper on. After two days of that nonsense, we slapped one back on her and have yet to make another attempt.

So…basically we’re 1-for-3. In baseball, a 0.333 Batting Average is considered top-caliber, so I guess we’re not doing too badly after one week. You’d think that the sibling peer pressure would spur a sense of competition to all get on board, but that hasn’t been the case…at least so far.

Maybe we’re better off just training one at a time…

Actual Conversation

Me – “Man, it was unbearably hot on my run today. I was sweating even after my shower!”
Miss – “Wait, you shower at work? They have showers there? You take two showers a day?”
Me – “Um, yeah…what did you expect me to do? Wallow in my stink all afternoon?”
Missy – “I dunno. At least now you’re showering for the both of us, seeing as how I’m lucky if I get two showers a week…”

Just one of the many “That’s tweetable” moments from the Hardinge Household.

And yes, sometimes she only gets a shower once every few days…don’t judge. Sleep > being clean. So…

Just In Case You Forgot

With the amount of loving and nurturing activities Missy has planned for these three toddlers day in and day out, rain or shine…

…it’s easy to see that these kids probably have one of the best moms in the world.


  • A quick look at the weekly forecast shows a dramatic shift in temperatures in store for central Iowa. With nightly lows dipping into the 40’s and 30’s, it seems that fall is arriving right on time. Bring on sweater weather! {Ok…so it’s more like fleece weather for me, but “sweater weather” just has a better ring to it.}
  • Can I get a sympathy shout out from my fellow seasonal allergy suffering friends? Things have been particularly bad this year, and I’ve been on a steady regiment of over-the-counter Claritin & Zyrtec, as well as a prescription nasal spray to keep my ridiculous sneezing and wheezing to a minimum. Hopefully the cooler weather will lead to a decrease and eventual end to my symptoms.
  • Still editing and adding pictures to my summer recap posts…it’s just so hard to sum up so many great memories in just a few entries…but I promise you, they are coming! That said, it’s super sad to see this screen on my Find My Friends account showing over 75% of my peeps 99+ miles away 😦

  • While we’re on the topic of upcoming posts, I still owe one last promised construction update if you can believe it. I keep waiting for things to be perfect so that I can show you how awesome this place is. However, I’ve come to realize that owning a house means that it’s forever a work in progress (look out…there’s some serious foreshadowing going on here!!!!!)…so now is as good ‘a time as any to give you all the remaining deets.
  • How about those O’s?! First winning season in 15 years, and a legitimate threat to make the playoffs?? Years ago I had written off the Orioles after a decade of bad management and egregious ownership; however I’ve since come to embrace all the “home teams” from my youth, especially since Iowa doesn’t have one true “home” team to root for. And although there’s nothing better than spending an afternoon Old Style in hand at Wrigley Field, my heart will always be back at the Yard. In Showalter we trust…lead us to the promise land, Buck!

Whew. That’s it for me tonight…have a great week!


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