Monday Musings

Going to make this post brief-ish tonight for three reasons:

1)      I’m still recovering from an amazing weekend…
2)      Blog post about said amazing weekend will come later this week, so I don’t want to use up all my good material…
3)      I have all four kiddos under my charges tonight as Missy spends a much-needed evening out with her gal pals.

So forgive me if this is a little less in-depth than what you’ve come to expect from Monday Musings…I promise to make things up to you by Wednesday (…or maybe Thursday. Friday at the latest, I swear…).

Lola Margaret

First things first…my baby turned five months old…today!

What up, party people!?

Still loves to suck on those fingers…just like the day she was born 😉

Adventures in Home Ownership

For the second time in the past four months (for reasons I choose not to go into at this juncture) we are once again sans-lawn…

…here at the Homestead. After months of disorder it was finally:

  • Stripped of all leftover gravel from construction/previous residence
  • Stripped of all the weeds that had grown in all summer long
  • Graded out properly
  • Re-seeded

…all in just this past week.

Now its waterwaterwaterwaterwater and more water, in hopes of getting down a good root-bed before a hard freeze comes, so that by next spring we’ll start to see a lush, proper lawn growing. Yet thanks to a full-on Indian Summer, it looks like we still have a few weeks to go before that happens.

Until then it’s just a matter of constantly moving the spaghetti works of hoses and sprinklers around…

…and getting used to the idea of being just a bit muddy

…until our lawn starts to come in.

Actual Conversation of the Week

(Background…our bedtime routine with the triplets is pretty simple: brush teeth, read books, say our prayers, get in bed. Each night we end our prayers by going around and saying what we are each thankful for. So on this night, with Lola sitting right next to us in her Bumbo seat, I asked the question leading to the convo below :-))

Me: “So what do you think baby Lola is thankful for?”
Sienna [without missing a beat]: “Ummm…breast milk!”
Me: “Well technically that’s…you know whaaa… Yes.”

This is so awesome on so many levels.


  • October: best month of the year, hands down.
  • I started off last Thursday’s post by stating that most parents strive to “provide their children a better upbringing than they themselves had growing up.” Just to clarify: Miss and I were both raised in faithful, loving, caring, and nourishing households…my quip was meant to be purely taken as tongue-in-cheek; that by riding on large farm equipment is not something that every child gets to experience. K? Mmmkay. (There needs to be a “Sarcastic” font.)
  • After toiling in obscurity, drowning in poor management, and run into the ground by egregious ownership, the Baltimore Orioles are playoff bound for the first time in fifteen years (finishing each and every season in-between with a losing record…woof.)! In the process, they have completed one of the most epic worst-to-first comebacks ever seen in the sporting world. The last time this happened (1997), I was a 13-year-old freshman in high school, and the Birds were taking the field with the likes of Rafael Palmeiro, Brady Anderson, and Cal Ripken Jr. It’s too bad they couldn’t celebrate yesterday with the Baltimore faithful, as the LA Angels didn’t seal the deal by losing to Texas until late last night. Can’t wait to see how far the O’s can go!
  • Follow-up sports ramble: it was just a great sporting weekend all around: Ravens and Hawkeyes both getting wins, Orioles reaching the playoffs, and (what will once again most likely be of interest only to me) getting to watch Chelsea defeat Arsenal on TV Saturday morning, followed up by Man U. losing to Tottenham Saturday afternoon…yay soccer!
  • Remember Josh & Beth? Get this: they are in Italy as we speak. I’ve been getting a few updates from them via the ‘book, and it sounds like they are having an fantastically amazing time. Sooooo jealous right now…
  • Anyone else having a Boxelder Beetle infestation? They literally are everywhere…covering the sides of our house during the day to sun themselves. It’s gross.
  • RIP Des Moines Weather Beacon!

That does it for me…I’m off to bed. Have a good night and a great week!


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. So glad they came back to do your lawn right. I feel like you would benefit from one of the moving tractor sprinklers. Those things fascinate me! If you do need an extra sprinkler, hose, or both, let me know!

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