Monday Musings

Welcome to birthday madness!

Ahhh…now this is always my favorite time of year; not only are we smack-dab in the middle of the best month of the twelve, but in the span of nine days Missy and I both celebrate the general awesomeness of our births! This year, even though I spent my actual birth-day stuck in Jury Duty…

…with my Mother-in-Law no less…

…I was able to enjoy lunch (as we were “set free” just before noon…hence the smiles) with the family before heading into work for the afternoon. I’d say that’s a win!

Missy also was gracious enough to arrange a birthday dinner with some pals down at Exile Brewery the night before…

…and after Jury Duty & Work on Monday, the rest of the fam came over for a Make Your Own taco feast with queso from Pancheros (I was having some intense cravings).

Now for the next few days I’m officially the same age as Missy, but the countdown is on until the big THREE-OH!

As If We Didn’t Have Enough Going On In Our Lives

We’ve decided to DIY our front path before the freeze comes to central Iowa for good!

Only now there are three pallets of pavers sitting in our driveway instead of just one, and the entire front yard is completely torn apart (sadly cutting through all our fresh grass seedlings)…

We started digging out by hand, but after two hours of work and only four inches yards of earth removed, we called in the big guns; A.K.A G-Pa Steve and his skid loader. And now, we have a six-foot-wide by six-inch-deep trench from our drive to our stoop. We figured that backfilling the extra two feet would be less work that digging out the first four by hand.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

It’s no secret that we love Des Moines’ Blank Park Zoo. We’re season pass holders, and Missy visits at least once a week throughout the summer with the girls. Not only to they offer the chance for some fantastic animal viewing, but they also hold many special events over the course of the year as well…like “Zoo Brew” for adults every Wednesday each summer, and “Night Eyes” for the kiddos each year around Halloween – Trick or Treat at the Zoo!

Missy has spent the last few weeks working feverishly on the girls’ costumes, and let me tell you: they are fantastic.

The Three Little Pigs…complete with curly tails!!

Work it, Sienna!

Oh, and Lola is the Big, Bad Wolf…but a) She was napping when we took these pictures and B) It was much too hot for her to wear her wolfy costume for Night Eyes last night. But, it sure is cute…

…hopefully we’ll be able to get her in it for Beggars Night next week!

Actual Conversation of the Week

We all text each other from time to time, and last Friday for some reason or another all took pictures of ourselves. Let’s just say that Missy was…uh…a little too predisposed to join in the fun.

Nursing of course 😉 Yeah…we have too much time on our hands…


  • Did I mention Missy’s 30th Birthday is THIS WEDNESDAY?! Holy cow. Feel free to shower her with all of your love and affections this week…she deserves them all, and more!!
  • Oh, going back to my jury duty adventure, I had to report back on Wednesday, but was eventually cut from the panel by the end of the afternoon. G-Ma Cindy however, wasn’t so fortunate. I’m sure she’d love to tell you about it 😉 And I wish everyone could have seen the look on the Judge’s face when he found out that we were Mother/Son in-law! He said that it was his first time ever seeing anything like that before in his 40+ years involved in the judiciary.

That’s all for tonight…much more to come this week…have a good one!


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