Goodbye 20’s.

Welp.  I turn 30 tomorrow.  I know this birthday is looked upon with fear by some, but I have decided to take the thankful outlook on it because I have recently been surrounded by stories where people didn’t make it to see this birthday in their own lives.

All I want from my 30’s is to be a little more calm.  No new big changes.  Adventures welcome, as long as they don’t add more stress to my already never-stopping life.

For fun, I made this list (surprise) of things that happened in my 20’s.  I didn’t place them in any particular order because, well it is 9:00pm and my brain is shot and in all honesty, I sometimes can’t remember what order things happened in.  I blame the babies.  They really do suck brain power.

In my 20’s I:

-Attended the University of Northern Iowa.

-Graduated with a BA in Education.

-Was finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  Its a little known fact that this condition effects your memory.  Therefore, I do not remember hardly anything about college.  I remember big events and my job and a few things here and there, but nothing about my classes.  I am sure I was not the greatest friend or roommate through these years (also fought an eating disorder…a later post) so for that…I am sorry to anyone that applies to.

-Flew out to see Tommy after only meeting him at a youth gathering for a few minutes two years prior. (secret family panic word in check)

-Dated Tommy for three and a half years long distance.

-Drove many through the night 17-hour trips to Virginia Military Institute to see him for less than 48 hours.

-Got my first teaching job – Kindergarten – 1/2 way through the year.

-Got my second teaching job (same school) teaching 5th grade.

-Got engaged.  Got married.

-Bought a new town home.

-Became an Aunt.

-Traveled to Ghana, Africa on a mission trip with my family.

-Traveld through Italy on a long-awaited honeymoon.

-Was a bridesmaid in four weddings.

-Went through many tests trying to have a baby.

-Diagnosed with endometriosis, had it removed.

-Took one dose of extra-low strength clomid.

-Became the size of a house while carrying triplets for 34 weeks and delivered them.

-Went crazy.  (I kid…kind of)

-Drove 1,000 miles across the country in a minivan with three 18-month-olds.  While pregnant. (see above)

-Went back to teaching, job-sharing a 4th-grade classroom with an awesome friend and teacher.

-Designed, built, and planned our eyes out for our new dream home.

-Carried and had our FOURTH daughter.

-Welcomed many family members from Maryland into said new home with said new baby. (Come again. Soon. Very soon.)

-Changed approximately 18,240 diapers.  I did not make that number up.  2 1/2 years of having children in diapers x about 20 diapers a day average= that.  Crap.  Literally.  Sorry earth.

-Cried.  A lot.

-Smiled.  A lot.

-Trusted God to get me through it all.


7 thoughts on “Goodbye 20’s.

  1. And you have done a wonderful job, a wonderful niece, a wonderful mom, sister and wife. Very proud that you are my niece. I remember the night you were born Love aunt sarah

  2. Missy, all my best wishes to you for your Birthday 🙂 and u will rock your 30s!! I just read your post from June 2009 and thought how god had a wonderful timing again, although you did struggle but so much more appreciate your life now! To many many more happy and healthy decades to you and your wonderful family! Have an AWESOME day today!
    Best wishes from Germany

  3. Happy BDAY Missy! I hope today was/ is terrific. May God bless you and your family today and everyday. Love Aunt Barb and Uncle Larry

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