Monday Musings

If last week was the Birthday Week Edition of Monday Musings, than this week is definitely the Recovery Edition.

Recovery from said birthday week…recovery from three rounds of tricks and treats…and recovery from a nasty, lingering round of colds that have made its way through the Hardinge Household. Between being your typical in-to-everything two years old and the wacky Iowa weather (77 degrees one day to 57 degrees the next…), we probably shouldn’t have assumed anything less. Except it feels like I’ve had a cough for three weeks straight. We’re all ready to be healthy again.

Speaking of wacky weather…

Frankenstorm 2012

I think Jim Cantore is a fantastic meteorologist, but if that man ever shows up in my town with his rain slicker on and boots in tow, I’m stocking up on canned goods and heading for the hills. I saw him (and about a dozen other weathermen people) on television reporting tonight in knee-high water…is there anywhere that man won’t go?

In all seriousness though, there are boat-loads of you out there that we care deeply about…

…that are preparing for the worst as the latest super storm to rocks the eastern seaboard.

From the heavy rain and wind in Maryland to snow in lower Virginia, it looks like an absolute mess out there. They even closed the Bay Bridge, one of the only routes connecting the eastern shore of Maryland to the west…things must be getting intense!

Hannah reports that school has been cancelled for both Monday & Tuesday (I can only ever remember that happening once for a non-snow related event: Hurricane Fran back in 1996), while uncle Bob texts that it has been snowing all day in VA and is finally starting to stick now that the temp as dropped. Even Uncle Jake had checked in to let us know of power outages the Flo-Bix clan was experiencing all the way down in Durham. This storm is massive.

We hope that everyones power stays on and that any weather related damages remain to a minimum. Our thoughts and prayers truly go out to everyone affected by this disaster. I’ve been so sucked into reading, watching, and updating reports for the latest info that I almost expect to see torrential downpours when I look up from the computer and out my window… I’m that worried about you 😦 Stay safe out there!

Actual Conversation of the Week

For now though at least, it appears that everyone is holding up just fine, hunkered down though they may be.

My DIY Life

On the home front, things are moving along quite swimmingly with our little front path project:

It looks to remain dry this week (in Iowa at least), so hopefully we can knock this thing out before the time change on Sunday. I do NOT want to be working on this thing in the dark.

And yes, I know…I know. We’re finally starting to see some decent grass growth come through, and what do we do? Rip right though it. Between that and the ever present deer

…we’ll be lucky to have any left come spring.

And yes, once again it helps to know a girl who know’s a guy that has a skid loader 😉


  • Missy Turns 30 is going strong…have you submitted your post yet? If not, there is still plenty of time to do so! Actually, you have all the time in the world to do so…I don’t plan on closing things down any time soon. Even if you don’t plan on submitting, make sure you stop over and check out some new pictures of the big day!
  • Another day, another chance to show off Missy’s mad costume-making skills…this time to “Trunk ‘n Treat” at Hope!

(My piggy posse)

We spent Sunday afternoon going “trunk to trunk” collecting candy and having a good ol’ time. And Lola finally had a chance to wear her Big Bad Wolf outfit!

So Sweet!

  • Beggar’s Night is this Tuesday, but after Trunk ‘n Treat and Nite Eyes, plus a costume party at the library, I don’t know if Mommy and Daddy can do yet another round. We shall see.
  • There’s nothing worse than an unappreciated crafting effort…

Just ask Missy, who spent two hours last night on crafting these awesome cars, only to see the girls throw an absolute fit when she tried to put them on to wear them. Sigh…kids these days. If I could fit in one, I would totally wear it, babe!

  • I’m probably the only one in America sad to see the World Series end so quickly, especially after rediscovering my long-lost passion for baseball after a great season from the Orioles. Hoping this carries through the long, dark winter into next spring!

I could go on…but it’s getting late, so I’ll wrap it up here. Have a great week, and once again stay safe all you east coasters…I mean it!


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