An Awesome Day.

Today, a lot of awesome things happened.  Maybe I just noticed more because I feel like my kids are growing up too fast and I don’t want to miss a thing.  Not that there weren’t timeouts, poop on the floor, snot running everywhere, and someone whining every 5 minutes… but the awesome things made up for it all.

-I got out some Christmas stuff in the basement.  YES.  You read right.  I am getting it all out because I have waited three years to get everything out and go crazy in my own home decorating until my heart’s content.  The girls are so excited, which only accelerates my need to decorate.

-This was an actual text I got today.  I love him. Again, I married up.

-While at the park, Sienna unbuttoned her pants and the conversation went as such:

M: “Sienna, what’s wrong?  Do you need some help pulling up your pants?”
S: “No Mommy, it’s stuck and I need to.”
M: “What are you trying to do?”
S:  “She just needs a little nurse.” (proceeds to get to her belly by unbuttoning her pants to nurse her baby lion)

-This.  We are going to go broke on coffee alone.  Tommy brought some to me at the park after work as a surprise.

-Our girls are really into matching right now.  Tonight I was reading the book “My Mother Is Mine” to the girls.  Jovie made me tear up on almost every page.

M: “My mother is soft.”
J: “You’re soft.” (head on my shoulder, big hazel eyes looking at me while rubbing my arm each time)
M: “My mother is strong.”
J: “You’re strong.”
M: “My mother watches me long and long.”
J: “You watch me.”
M: “My mother sings high.  My mother sings sweet.”
J: (giggling) “My mommy sings.”
M: “My mother can dance on both of her feet.”
J: “Call Me Maybe Dance Mommy!!” (lol…awesome.)
M: “My mother feeds me.”
J: “You feed me Mommy.”
M: “She holds me tight.”
J: “You squeeeeze me.”
M: “She never forgets to kiss me goodnight.” – Insert sweet kiss.
M: “My mother is tall and tall and tall.”
J: “You are soooo sooo tall Mommy!”
M: “My mother is pretty.” —— crickets. LOL
M: “My mother is brave.” —— crickets again.

The rest of the book she just hugged me.  It was awesome.  I needed to document it.


One thought on “An Awesome Day.

  1. Oh, Miss……..I truly believe the Lord matches the child to the right parents for them when prayer from the heart is involved. He certainly did with these precious girls.

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