Monday Musings

Question: should I change the title of this series?

Seeing as how I usually don’t end up posting my weekly “Monday Musings” until late Monday night, most of you probably don’t read them until Tuesday. So, would it make more sense to call this “Monday Night Musings” (like Monday Night Football, only with less Jon Gruden), or maybe do I even go so far as to calling it “Tuesday Musings” and just schedule it to post early Tuesday morning? I know myself too well though…I’d procrastinate and not post until late Tuesday night, at which point I’d consider having this convo with you again, and so on and so forth until the posts are eventually just called “Musings.”

Soooooo never mind, I’ll just stick to the status quo. Thanks for helping me sort that all out!

Being Outdoorsy-ish

In what may or may not have been the last gasp of truly nice weather of the season, much of our time was spent outdoors this weekend, starting with a massive bonfire on Friday night.

Our good friend Chris was home on leave for a few days, so what better way to celebrate? Missy spent the day preparing the goods for our Hobo Dinners (meat, veggies, and seasonings all wrapped up in foil and cooked over fire) and by 8:30 the par-tay was in full swing!

We definitely did some damage by nights end!

My DIY Life

I came, I saw, I (mostly) conquered. I give you…our new front path!

Ta-dah! Never you mind that nasty looking down spout…I just didn’t want the weekend rain washing out my freshly-laid sand before it was set.

Saturday was nice enough to finish up the majority of the work left to be done on the front path, including a second pass with the plate compactor and filling in all the small (and some not-so-small) gaps with Polymeric sand. So it took a few extra trips to Lowes for more barrels of Poly-sand than I had originally intended, but I think the end result speaks for itself.


I still need to back fill our trench and bury the edging, but at least we have a fully functioning path now. AND it’s already been weather tested, as another round of all night rains followed by below freezing temps made their way through the state on Sunday…

Yet Another Segment on Crazy Iowa Weather

I know I must sound like a broken record given the amount of times I’ve mentioned the unpredictable weather in Iowa…but it’s worth mentioning again after this wacky weekend. Even though on Saturday (despite the 25 MPH sustained winds) we found ourselves opening up the house playing outside in short sleeve shirts, by Sunday morning the bottom dropped, the front blew through, and we were left literally scraping ice off our back porch by days end.

With a high of 78 degrees on Saturday to a low of 24 degrees on Sunday, the temperature swing this weekend has been drastic to say the least.

Actual Conversation of the Week

I was asked to once again make Campfire Turkey this year for Thanksgiving…only this time I’ll be making two of them, and this time, there won’t be a back-up turkey baking in the oven just in case! That’s right…the entire Thanksgiving entrée depends on Missy and I (she preps, I roast).

Seeking sage advice from the master, I sent my ol’ man a quick e-mail regarding our situation…and his response was gold:

Done and done. Thanks Dad!

International Visitors

We were blessed with visitors this past weekend…

Pastor Sam Dunya and his wife Jonhild!

Sam founded GlobeServe Ministries {definitely a link worth your time ;-)}, Lutheran Church of Hope’s Mission partner in Ghana, West Africa. Missy and I first met them on our trip in 2008, and they have been guests of the Florer’s a few times over the past few years when traveling through Iowa, having known Steve and Cindy for quite some time.

He spoke at all Hope services this weekend, relaying the many many great things that are happening in Ghana with the help of our church community. It was so great having a chance to visit with them!

Just Because

Word to the Vets

From the greatest generation…

…to those of you that serve today, and everyone before and after…

From the depths of my heart, I thank you for doing what you do for this great country of ours. I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to make the sacrifices you make on a daily basis. Here’s hoping that you had a happy (and most especially…safe) Veterans Day.

With that, have a great week!


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