Monday Musings

Each week before I start writing Monday Musings, I take a minute to review all the pictures I’ve taken over the past seven days just to refresh my memory of the details I may have already forgotten about. Usually I have a few dozen new pictures since my last entry, but this week? I have 83. Eighty-three!

Granted, a few of them are multiple shots of the same events, but still…lots of stuff to talk about this week!

Deck the Halls

Christmas decorating is finally in full swing at the Hardinge Homestead!

Yes, we still have an autumnal-themed centerpiece on our table…

…and yes, we still had orange plastic jack-o-lanterns adorning our “mantle” as late as last week, but the battle of conflicting holiday décor is slowly being overrun by Christmas goodness we (well…Missy, in all honesty) have been setting up. Our main tree has taken up it’s prominent residence in the corner of our living room…

…and our Christmas village is lit…

…all of which (in combination with the other miscellaneous lit items around Missy has put up) give the living room a dreamy, ethereal feel once the house lights are off for the night.

The girls love it!

Of course, as much as I’ve enjoyed embracing the early return of the holidays this year, I’m sick of the already endless barrage of season-specific advertising, especially when companies shoehorn their products into a classic Christmas songs (Paint the halls and clean up spills, fa-lalalalalalalala! Tis the season for cord-less drills, fa-lalalalalalalala!).


Wedded Bliss

Shout-out to our good pals, bride Shanda and new husband Nate as they declared their “I dos” on Saturday night! Miss and I had the privilege to attend their ceremony (sans kids!) and had fantastic time.

Of course, we had to take full advantage of our childless situation by stopping for cocktails and Bang Bang Shrimp at Bonefish Grill before arriving at Hope.

( (^) Sorry. Low light + front facing camera = terrible grainy glow. Even still…it’s a good picture despite the quality!)

The ceremony was very classy, complete with brilliant music and a great message, all capped off with a perfect candle-lit blessing.

Grovin’ tunes, good food, and great friends made for an incredible reception.

Congrats again to the happy couple!!

Actual Conversation of the Week

Does a video chat count?

The girls were apparently missing their papa something awful one day, so we had a quick FaceTime chat over lunch to calm the seas. Ok, I know you can’t hear it or tell what’s being said…but I swear this was a cute convo worthy of ACotW.


  • Very little noticeable progress has been made on the remaining backfill work since completing the majority of our front path last weekend. Since using the skid loader here would not only be impractical, but most likely damaging to all our hard work thus far, all the fill dirt has to be brought back in by hand, two buckets at a time. The process has been tedious, to say the least.
  • Missy and the girls brought lunch to the office last week while they were out running errands. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this 😀

  • Any night that ends with a game of Ticket to Ride is a good night in my book.

Especially if said night involves dinner with great friends who don’t mind coming over and being thrown into the “belly of the beast” that is our daily diaper-blowout, fit-throwing, laughing, screaming, 100 mile-per-hour, chaotic, kid-filled lives.

  • We have a new, well…completely overhauled…About” page. I think you’ll like it, so make sure you check it out soon and let me know!

In other news, what are your Thanksgiving plans?

My world-travelling, jet-setting cousin Matthew is coming in and staying with us for the extended four-day-weekend (which I have no doubt will be amazing), but other than that it should be pretty low-key. The weather looks like it will be amazing, so hopefully we’ll be able to take full advantage of it. Oh, but definitely no Black Friday shopping for us…normal shopping gives us enough anxiety as it is. We’ll stick to the Cyber Monday sales!

That’s all for me tonight…have a great week and a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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