Monday Musings

Happy Monday…Happy December!

Although, at least here in Iowa, it sure doesn’t feel like it does it?

Lola Turns Seven (Months)

Musings 21_1

And getting cuter by the day! It’s so hard to believe how much she’s grown these past 30 days! I can’t decide what my favorite is…the pudgy cheeks that squish her eyes together when she smiles, or the furry tuft of blond hair that gets even fluffier after bath time. Yeah, you’re right…probably those cheeks…but it’s close.

She has started babbling, and we’ve even documented her new favorite:

That’s right. DA-DA! Although, to be fair, Ma-Ma was her first 😉 Speaking of favorites, right now her latest obsession is the full-length mirror Missy and I have in our bedroom. We park her in front of that thing and she is good for hours.

Musings 21_6

Musings 21_5

When we clean…well…tidy up our room, we even make sure to leave her stash of treasures close at hand. Endless entertainment!

AND she is about thisclose to crawling. Crawling!! As in: actually being able to get from Point A to Point B by herself. Batten down the hatches, because I guarantee she will be on the move by Christmas…if not next week. Yikes!

Impromptu Gatherings

I love it when a last minute plan comes together…especially ones that don’t require us to cook anything. And especially ones that involve margaritas. Definitely margaritas.

The Nixon’s invited us (all six) as well as another couple over on Saturday evening for tacos and drinks, and from football, to dance parties, to Xbox Kinect, and even a group picture…

Musings 21_2

Believe me when I say that it was a fun-filled night…a night that had only been in the works for the six hours prior to our arrival! How about that for last minute 😉

Although I don’t know what was funnier, the kiddo’s sitting together, or the adults trying to get them all to cooperate at the same time:

Anyway, I always love watching our brood of children running around when we all get together; on Saturday night we had eleven kids and six adults…practically a 2:1 ratio!
  • Today, at 12:48PM, Des Moines tied the all-time record high…not just for December 3rd…but for the entire month of December, period. Now, I’m not one to complain about almost 70-degree weather less than weeks before winter starts, but after a dry season last year (unless you happended to find yourself in NW Wyoming), I’d sure like to see some snow in time for Christmas. Anyone else? (Sidenote, I hope I’m not the only one who finds all this freak weather as of late a tad bit unsettling)
  • Guys. I wasn’t kidding when I said that we had more wood chips than we know what to do with. A pile in our yard and literally an entire dump truck full of them…please, get in touch if you’d like some. Great for mulching shrub beds and around trees…just saying!
  • Lots more Christmas decorating going on at the homestead this weekend…including  my best Clark Griswold impersonation by hanging Christmas lights on our own house for the very first time.

Musings 21_4

(Those lights aren’t out, the strands twinkle!)

We ran out few strands short, so I’ll make sure to post an update pic once we finish trimming the gables. More on that to come later this week (I hope…)!

  • Sometimes, you just can’t say no. Like when your daughter is wide awake and jumping on her bed an hour after putting her down and wants to snuggle with you…

Musings 21_3

I certainly can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it! One-on-one time, for the win!

Until next time…

Have a great week!


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