Monday Non-Musings

Early this morning I took this picture…

time check

…which is basically my way of saying that for the first time since I started this series there will be no Monday Musings tonight.

Things aren’t all well at the Hardinge Homestead. We’ve got four sick kiddos (yes…again…) and Miss and I found ourselves comforting a super congested Jovie at 2:30AM. Then just before three Lola decided that she wanted to nurse, and then proceeded to kick me in the face as I was laying beside her.

Throw a sick mama into the mix, and well…you get the idea. We’re off to bed early now to try and catch up on our rest. By some miracle, I’ve managed to evade this round so far, so I’ve been taking Zicam and Airborne like it’s my job and pounding orange juice by the gallon so that it stays that way.

Hopefully we’re back to full speed soon because I can’t wait to tell you about Lola’s baptism (which honestly deserves its own post anyway)!

Happy Monday, and have a great week!


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