Monday Musings Quickie

I know this isn’t what you want to hear. I know that.

But…I was all set for an epic return of Monday Musings (especially after taking last week off), but then this happened:

Monday Musings Quickie 2_2

Date night.

More specifically: Man-Date Night back to Middle Earth, all set up by our secretively scheming wives (they’re the best!), and unbeknownst to Eric and I until early Monday morning. Are you willing to take a rain check until tomorrow? Do you forgive me? Tuesday Musings has a night ring to it, right?

Right 😐 ?

That Said…

I can’t go without saying something in light of the tragedy this past week…except…I don’t know what to say. What can anyone say? I’m numb…as a parent…as a husband of a teacher…as a human being…to the fact that one person could be capable of such catastrophic evil.

I know what I can’t do: begin living my life in constant fear of the worst. Fear that each time I let them out of my sight will be the last. Or lock the world out and shutter our lives worrying about something we have absolutely no control over. We live in a broken world where evil exists…I can’t pretend that it isn’t there, or hide from it while letting it take over and control my life (Doomsday Preppers, anyone?).

Shooting At Elementary School In Newtown, Connecticut

Source – Via Getty Images

What I can do is hold my girls a little tighter. Kiss them a little longer. Make sure I do everything possible in my power to let them know that they are loved. And we, as a nation, can also pray…ceaselessly pray…for everyone effected by this event, as well as for the leaders of this country for the strength to make real change to prevent horrific events like this from occurring in the future.

On a Lighter Note…

We had the First Annual (yes…annual!) Hardinge Ugly Christmas Sweater  & Yankee Trader Party this past weekend! And by Ugly Christmas Sweaters, I mean ugly Christmas sweaters/outfits/hair-dos/hats/glasses…the whole shebang! Here’s just a little taste of the awesomeness you can expect:

Monday Musings Quickie 2_1

That’s right…driiiiink it in. Let all the green polyester glory whet your appetite for recap of one amazing night.

Happy Monday, and have a great week! Back soon 😉


3 thoughts on “Monday Musings Quickie

  1. GOTTA’ HAVE those green pants! Are they still being manufactured somewhere on earth? And the model wearing them…well, what can a mother say?

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