Tuesday Musings

See, I told you that I’d be back soon. Tuesday Musings does has a nice ring to it 😀  Now that I finally have a few extra minutes to sit down and write, I’ll try not to disappoint!

My DIY Life

If you’ve been following along with us throughout the contruction of our house and the entire settling in phase, you know that we’re not shy about including some very “unique” features throughout. One of my favorites, perhaps, is the barn door which…many moons ago...actually used to adorn Grandpa Harvey’s barn, and has since incorporated as a main feature of the front hall.

Tuesday Musings 1_8

You may not be surprised to learn that we actually had two barn doors (we got them together as a matching pair), and while one has been put to use as an actual door, the other has been tucked away in our garage since move-in…

Until now.

Tuesday Musings 1_5

Making our walls feel less naked has long been a goal of ours, just not exactly a priority since bringing a fourth child into our family. But Missy has been working furiously, modging 8×10 prints we’ve carefully selected onto canvases, while I’ve been sanding, prepping, and painting the door anew to match our color scheme (yes, I know it’s just white, but it’s the exact shade of our baseboard and trim ;-)). We’ve even rearranged the entire living room to make optimal viewing space for our door!

The “leaning” look was planned, and I used heavy-duty wall hooks to ensure that no wandering little hands could knock the heavy door loose.

Tuesday Musings 1_6

As for the sheet metal cut-outs, well…it helps to work at a company that has a sheet metal prefabrication shop! All I had to do was create a quick design on CAD…

Tuesday Musings 1_1

…and send the file over to our shop, who then took some scrap metal and cut them out on our CNC Plasma Cutter (fancy term for computer guided laser metal cutting machine).

Tuesday Musings 1_2

Some quick buffing for texture and then voilà:

Tuesday Musings 1_7

Tuesday Musings 1_4

Our one-of-a-kind gallery wall was complete! What do you think?

Actual Conversation of the Week


That might borderline inappro…but we tend to get pretty desperate when immersed in a house full of sick, whiney children. We love them to death and beyond, but some days enough is enough. And for those curious…no, I have not made the surgery appointment yet.


  • Am I the only one having a hard time believing that Christmas is one week away?
  • I know that a few of you out there were expecting the Ugly Christmas recap here, but I’m just waiting to post until I get my hands on a few more pics from our on-the-scene photog. Should be coming soon!
  • Reason number 476 why Missy is thebombmom[dot]com: The Star Cave.

Tuesday Musings 1_3

Old Christmas lights, plus markers and a really big box equals hours of free two-year-old entertainment!

  • Totally geeked out watching The Hobbit last night…I honestly could have watched the entire thing over again as soon as the credits rolled. Peter Jackson, I’m all in! However, I’m also slightly disturbed how all but a few of the 10+ trailers leading up to the movie depicted post-apocalyptic earth storylines.
  • From whines, coughs, to mucus, and even to hives, this picture pretty much sums up our “Everyone in this entire house is sick ” week from hades:

Tuesday Musings 1_9

(Those are droppers used to administer meds to the girls…as we only have just a few medicine spoons to go around…but about 50 of those syringes.)

  • While it wasn’t their first time seeing snow, but two weeks ago (the day Lola was baptized, actually) for the first time the girls saw actually saw snow and appreciated it for its mystery, wonder, and beauty as only a child can. Sienna stood at the picture window for almost 30 minutes as big, fluffy flakes coated the back yard.

Pine with Snow

  • Speaking of snow, by all accounts Iowa is about to experience its first meaningful winter storm of the season of the past two years Wednesday night into Thursday…which means I will get to experience the pleasure of shoveling out our driveway for the first time. I should probably look at investing in a snow blower at some point. Or just borrow the skid loader from across the street 😉 And since when did they start naming winter storms?!

So with that, I’m off to bed. Back with even more soon!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Musings

  1. A snowblower will change your life. Even if it never snows. I like to think of mine as a snowsurance policy. It’s there if I need it.

    Or just borrow the skid loader. Whichever is easier…

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