Monday Musings | Christmas Eve 2012 Edition

Monday Musings: coming to you live from the Great White North Midwest!

As I begin writing this the girls are with Grandma Cindy, Lola is asleep, and I’m sitting in my sweat pants with a giant mug of hot coffee watching a surprise snow fall outside as I write. Now, if only I had crackling fireplace and it would be like I was finally living out every bloggers dream!

The best part is that the snow falling wasn’t predicted, nor is it showing up on any radar I’ve checked…yet it continues to come down, creating quite a magical scene outside our back window. It’s just a Christmas (Eve) Miracle!

Xmas Eve Musings 14


First things first, I’m happy to report that we’ve all managed to survive Snowpocalypse 2012…I mean…”Winter Storm Draco“.

Xmas Eve Musings 01


The storm officially commenced Wednesday evening, and by the time I arrived home from work the girls were already in a frenzy with excitment, ready to enjoy their first true taste of winter. So out to the back porch we went…sans coats and all…

Xmas Eve Musings 02

…to catch snowflakes and slide around in our boots. After dinner we all dressed a little more accordingly and headed out to the driveway. Thankfully, the storm hadn’t yet taken full effect: the temperature was holding steady around the freezing point, the winds were still calm, and the snow had even slowed to flurries. Taking full advantage of our good fortune, I proceeded to teach them all about snow angels, how to make their own snowballs, and even build our first snowman (snowperson? snowgirl?) together…

Xmas Eve Musings 03


…with the help of an early Snowman Kit Christmas gift from Ms. Shanda!

Yet the tides had changed by Thursday morning: the winds were howling and visability was terrible…trying to drive anywhere, let alone 25 miles across town to work, was out of the question. We we hunkered down and prepared for the worst.

We lost power a total of six times, luckily though each only lasted 30 seconds. However, I did muster up enough courage to venture outdoors into the frozen tundra for a brief moment just to snap some pics of the homestead (anything for the blog!) before running back inside like a little coward. It looked like the inside of a deep freeze!

Xmas Eve Musings 12

Xmas Eve Musings 08

Xmas Eve Musings 06

Xmas Eve Musings 04

Xmas Eve Musings 05

Xmas Eve Musings 09

Xmas Eve Musings 10

Xmas Eve Musings 11

By the time the storm had past on Friday, Des Moines International Airport was reporting 13″ of total snowfall…more than we saw all of last winter!

High School Reunion

For five years of our lives together, Missy and I mentored a group of high schoolers at Hope…inviting them into our home practically every on Sunday and Wednesday night from 2006 right up until the triplets were born. Now those same kids aren’t exactly kids anymore, and have each spread their wings from Des Moines, to Ames, Chicago, Oregon, and beyond!

Xmas Eve Musings 181

Xmas Eve Musings 182

We decided to take full advantage of the Christmas break this year to meet up and catch up with as many of them as possible, and the night ended up being a smashing success! We’ve made a pact not to wait so long until the next time, with even a summer bonfire a very good possibility in 2013. Can’t wait!

Xmas Eve Musings 183

Xmas Eve Musings 184

We might not have been the perfect high school youth group leaders, but I know that the relationships we’ve forged will last a lifetime…and I wouldn’t change a thing about that.

Actual Conversation of the Week

Photo Dec 24, 11 35 27 PM

AKA: Thanks to a couple of my Aussie friends, this is pretty much how I knew the world wasn’t ending. But I’m curious as to why Dave was up at 5:00AM his time…


  • I have in my possession the Ugly Outfit portraits from the Christmas Party, so expect the recap this week (finally!).
  • Parental Advice #421: when you promise to take your kids to see Jolly Holiday Lights, hype it up all day, bathe them early, and throw them in the car in nothing but their footie PJ’s, only to arrive downtown to find a line of cars backed up for a half-mile…give them ice cream instead. Even if it means driving through random neighborhoods with sporadicly place lights and then  showing up in Orange Leaf with four kids in their pajamas while you’re dressed like a hobo (or a mugger we picked up from the side of the highway, as Missy so eloquently put it).

Xmas Eve Musings 13

  • We had Christmas Eve service tonight at Hope and the girls were AMAZING. Standing and clapping with the worship songs and surprisingly calm during the sermon. Oh, and nobody caught on fire during the candle-lit closing hymns…bonus!

Xmas Eve Musings 152

Xmas Eve Musings 153

Xmas Eve Musings 151

Christmas at Hope will always hold a special place in my heart, and singing Silent Night by candle light always gets me 🙂

And so with that, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Big day tomorrow…what are your Christmas plans?


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