Monday Musings | Leftovers

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind if I had every Monday off of work. Right now we’re laying low and hanging out with the fam watching the New Years Eve football action!

Leftovers 7

Leftovers 8

As for the Leftovers title: it’s like everything that you’ve already read last week…just more of it, with tons of pictures! Who doesn’t love some good leftovers? Unless, I guess…you didn’t like reading it in the first place. So if that’s the case, then I’d probably recommend just stopping now and spare yourself the heartburn 😉

Draco Leftovers

One of the coolest things about Winter Storm Draco that I forgot to mention last week was the thundersnow! For a good 30-45 minutes we were treated to a winter thunder storm, only with snow falling as opposed to rain. The coolest part was how muffled the thunder sounded as the snow came down. From what I understand, this is an extremely rare weather event…cool!

sticky snow1

The snow from Draco was also a very sticky snow. Since the temps remained close to the freezing point most of the evening, a layer of ice formed in-between snow layers. Trees, houses, and even our back porch remained white as if the snow had just fallen more than a week after the storm.

sticky snow2

Very pretty!

Christmas Leftovers

Another benefit of Winter Storm Draco was that it provided central Iowa with a White Christmas. Not that Christmas day isn’t good enough to begin with, but having snow every which way you look just pushes it to the next level. Agreed?

As for the day itself, everything was all that we hopes for and more here at the homestead, especially since it was the first Christmas in which the older girls could fully enjoy the anticipation and excitement of all that makes it the best day of the year! Oh, and on top of everything else, it was Lola’s first Christmas (in case you forgot), which made it just that much better.

One of the biggest developments was that…for the first time ever…the girls got up and out of their cribs in the morning on their own. The excitment of Christmas was too much for them to wait for any longer 😀 Luckily I was on my way to wake them up with video camera in-hand anyway, so expect a YouTube link of that coming soon!

Anyway, on to the good stuff.

There were stocking stuffers…

Christmas 2012 Pic 1_01

Christmas 2012 Pic 1_02

…and presents…

Christmas 2012 Pic 1_03

Christmas 2012 Pic 1_04

Christmas 2012 Pic 1_06


Christmas 2012 Pic 1_05

…and even some-assembly required.

Christmas 2012 Pic 1_07

Then is was over the river and through the woods into the minivan and across the street to grandmothers house for more fun!

Christmas 2012 Pic 1_09

Christmas 2012 Pic 1_10

Christmas 2012 Pic 1_11

Christmas 2012 Pic 1_12

And, oh yeah…a new roller coaster.

Christmas 2012 Pic 1_13

Christmas 2012 Pic 1_14

Christmas 2012 Pic 1_15

Christmas 2012 Pic 1_16

Christmas 2012 Pic 1_17

Christmas 2012 Pic 1_18

Needless to say…the day was a huge success.

Leftovers 2

Leftovers 3

Oh, and I can’t forget all the great food there was to be had! Birthday cake for Jesus (decorated by the girls, if you couldn’t tell)…

Leftovers 12

Christmas 2012 Pic 1_08

Leftovers 13

…giant bag of homemade chex mix, per request…

Leftovers 10

…and a Christmas Morning brunch that consisted of Eggs Benedict and hot coffee.

Leftovers 11


Lola {Non-Leftovers}

Lola even got us a few Christmas presents this year; she reached two huge milestones in less than a week: legitimately crawling from point A to point B (first occurance happened via video chat with the east coast fam!):

Leftovers 6

…and her first tooth (which has proved just a little harder to photograph ;-))

Seriously though time, stop moving so fast so that I can have a chance to enjoy all of this before she’s 2-1/2 years old, talking back, and generally being stubborn 😉

Actual Conversation of the Week

Leftovers 9

I love texts from home like this…they help to keep me in the loop with all the “little” things that I would otherwise miss throughout the day.


  • December 26th could be one of the most depressing days of the year, especially when you have to spend it in the office.
  • They must have forgotten how to plow on the east side…it literally feels like I’ve been driving over icebergs since the big storm. STILL. Get it together, Des Moines and Altoona. Also, my mechanics bill is in the mail.
  • The second story of the girls getting out of their cribs in the morning themselves isn’t quite as happy…Missy found them huddled alone in the dark hallway with their blankets and pacifiers one morning last week after I had already left for work. Missy told me that they all looked like three scared prisoners…I was so heartbroken! We have since told them that they can turn on the lights and come to our room if they are up before we are, but they haven’t left their beds early since.
  • The older kids are into Toy Story now, which (as a fan of all things Pixar) has been a fantastic development. Actually, not just Toy Story, but Toy Story 2. However, they will probably have to wait until their 18th birthday to watch Toy Story 3…just too sad!
  • Just found out that Papi Hunt will be visiting us in Iowa for an extended weekend…we couldn’t be more excited! He will even be here over his birthday…Missy, the girls, and I will have to think up something special for him 🙂

Whew! I think that’s all for me tonight…I’m off to drink to champagne, sing Auld Lang Syne, and ring in the new year the best way I know how with my five favorite ladies (no champagne for them yet though…)

Have a great week!


6 thoughts on “Monday Musings | Leftovers

  1. That shark costume is absolutely hilarious!! Loved this post. I love seeing the personalities of all four of your daughters shining through!

    • You have no idea!

      Too bad that she hasn’t worn the costume since Christmas though…I think she got scared when she saw herself in the mirror 😦 Hope you had a great Christmas!

  2. Thanks for sharing your pictures and wonderful story of your Christmas moments with your family. Treasure these moments in your mind and heart. God has truly blessed you with healthy, beautiful daughters…and thanks for starting out my 2013 with a smile!

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