Monday Musings

Hey Howdy Hey!

Ahem…sorry, too much Toy Story 2 on the brain. Almost positive I could repeat back the entire movie word-for-word based on the intake of Buzz, Woody, Jessie, and the gang I’ve had over the past few weeks. Not that I’m complaining…there are much worse things the girls could be into right now.

Anyway…happy Monday! Happy MLK Day! Happy Inauguration Day!

Speaking of Inaugurations, seeing the prez get sworn in this morning got me thinking that it was eight years ago today that I was fortunate enough in 2005 to march in Bush 43’s second inaugural parade with the ol’ alma mater, VMI.

VMI Inaugural 2005

Looking back now, I’d have to say that was pretty cool…regardless of what side of the isle you’re on. So cool that I was even inspired to enough that I managed to dig up some of my inaugural swag from the big event…including a sweet write up in the local paper…

Paper 2

Paper 1

(If I look a tab bit sleep-deprived, it was due to our 3:00AM wake-up time.)

…and these, uh…swell collectors buttons.



Alright, enough about me. On to the good stuff…

Poo-pocalypse, Take 2

Now that the girls:

  1. Are over their strep
  2. Are over their ear infections
  3. Have all their molars

…and all the fun “bodily” functions that come with the above, Missy and I are finally back on board the potty training wagon.


And things are going…surprisingly…quite well this time around!

Sure, there are still the accidents, but the girls are finally at a good age in which they can begin to “recognize” their body signals. As you could probably imagine, it’s a little harder for me to tell them exactly what to be doing…but I think they are starting to get the idea.


And of course, a little reward system never hurt anyone either…one jelly bean for a successful #1, and three jellies for a successful #2.


Yay bribery!

Beating Cabin Fever

It’s great to see that our zoo passes are being put to good use, even in the dead of winter!

Zoo Bridge



(Looks like Sienna found Nemo!)

And…it’s extremely weird to see Lola riding in our stroller without the aid of her car seat, like she’s all grown up or something.

Lola Stroller

Just stop it, ya hear me?!

Kings of the AFC

Ravens Hat

And it feels…OH…so good.

I definitely had my doubts, and was truly a nervous wreck for a majority of yesterday. But once the clock hit triple zero’s, I was dancing, fist pumping, and karate kicking my way around the house. It’s a wonder how I didn’t wake up those kiddos (which, big shout out to Missy BTW for corralling the girls yesterday so that I could devote my undivided attention to the TV screen while the boys from B’more whipped up on Tom Brady and the Pats)…I really need to find some Ravens fans in the metro to game watch with.

Now, anyone out there wanna buy me tix to N’awlins for the big game?!

Little known fact: did you know that Missy and I took our actual post wedding honeymoon in 2006 to Baltimore? We did an O’s game…

Os Game

…saw Ben Folds at Merriweather (with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra…so good.)…

Ben Folds Selfie

Ben Folds

…tons of shopping at the inner harbor, and of course: the National Aquarium.


Good times!


  • Ma makes some of the best (yes…the best) Christmas cookies on the planet: wafer thin, crispy, colorfully decorated, mouth watering goodness patties known as Sand Tarts. I hate missing out on them, so you could imagine my delight when this tiny box of still in tact Sand Tarts showed up in our mail box last week!

Sand Tarts

  • Stepped outside this morning and was greeted by actual temps below zero and “Feels Like” temps in the -20’s. First time that we’ve had a sub zero temp in Iowa in over 700 days. HOLY CRAP it was cold!


  • One last pic, just because this girl is SO DANG CUTE:

Lola Smiles

(Oh, ya see that tooth coming in??)

With that, I’m off to bed. Happy Monday, and have a great week!


3 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. other than select flavors from jelly belly, starburst jelly beans are the BEST! just about to start the potty training season with my little boy. yikes!
    stumbled across your blog through the williams a while ago, and love following this little window into your life!

    • YES! I completely agree with you! Good luck with your potty endevours; I highly recommend using them for your reward system…

      I’m glad you found us, and thanks for following along 😀

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