The Potty Training Files, Vol. 2

These green trainers have been working out really well to get the girls “going” (see what I did there?)…


…but sadly, the hard plastic edges have started to bruise their tiny bottoms. Enter: the “Nextstep” toilet seat, which has easily been our best discovery of the year (so far). It’s a toddler-sized seat…

Toilet Seat 3

…that lifts up…

Toilet Seat 2

…then magnetically latches and stores away, hidden inside the lid when not in use.

Toilet Seat 1

It also completely detaches once it’s no-longer needed (or just to clean up after a big mess) so you don’t have reinstall your old seat after the kids out-grow it. How cool is that? However, we did have to pay a few extra bucks for the no-slam feature…but it’s so worth it. All you potty training parents out there, you owe it to yourselves to check this out!

And yes, I do realize that you now know more about the toilets in our house than you had probably ever wanted to know. Sorry about that.


3 thoughts on “The Potty Training Files, Vol. 2

    • Home Depot! We paid a bit of a premium for the “No Slam” feature…and we also have elongated bowls, so that might’ve added a few bucks to the cost as well. Check them out here. Glad we could help…better late than never 🙂

  1. Peggy got something very similar looking at our Christmas Yankee Trader just a few years back…it was baby blue and she actually traded for it….it had a ‘little boy’ feature on it which she thought would be great for a plant when you hung it on the wall as a picture frame. 🙂

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