The Potty Training Files, Vol. 3

Potty training report: ten days in.

The comprehension is there, but putting it into action is still a work in progress. Our early front runner to becoming full-out potty trained is Rowan, who now uses the “big girl potty” for all of her business without even needing to tell us first. She hasn’t had an accident in nearly a week…she even earned a special one-on-one date with daddy to pick up donuts last Saturday morning!

Yet for every Rowan success, we still have another accident with another sister. Specifically Miss “Always Doing 100 Things at Once” Sienna. She tends to get too involved with whatever she’s into at that particular moment (like her flash cards, for example)…that’s when she fails to recognize the signals.

Yet when we sit her down to have a serious talk with her afterwards…tell her that “No, we don’t pee in our pants…“, she simply gives us a blank stare before running off back down the hall. Then runs back, and there is a glimmer of hope and understanding for just a brief moment, but she just grabs her flash card that we took from her, holds it up in the air and states matter-of-factly:

C is for CAT.

C is for Cat 1_1

Like I said…at least there is hope for comprehension. I think…

And you know it’s been a long week when Miss & I leave the house without the extra change of clothes for just such an accident. Luckily, we were only across the street and were at least able to round up a spare pair of undies before hustling her back to our house…minus her pants.

C is for Cat 1_2

*Heavy sigh*

Truth be told, all three girls are doing extremely well with this new change in their routine…and we are even starting to see dry diapers in the morning. Yes, our successes are coming slowly, but thankfully we are making progress.

Plus our wallets are singing praises.


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