Tuesday Musings

We now return to your regularly scheduled Musings…one day later. I’ve always said Tuesday Musings has a nice ring to it! However, I’ll stick to Monday’s…I have too much of an affinity for alliteration to change things up now 😉

Not Just for Kids

Jovie had trouble falling asleep last night, so we had her up in our bed for some alone time with her “Special Notebook” (our iPad). One of her favorite apps is the Nick JR’s Draw & Play, of which we discovered lets you take a picture and use it as a canvas. Needless to say, Jov was quite impressed.

Nick JR App 1

Aaaaaand this is what happens when two over-tired, stir crazy parents keep playing an app meant for toddlers even after putting theirs back down for bed.

Nick JR App 2

Nick JR App 3

We had an intense case of the giggles for a good 20 minutes afterwards. Good times!

Lola at Nine Months

9 months

Nine months in, nine months out; there has to be some kind of significance to that, right? Anyway, first things first…the vitals:


(Wt = Weight; Ht = Height; HC = Head Circumference)

Sadly, she has been acting super fussy lately…not napping for longer than 20 minutes at a time, extra clingy to Mama Missy, snotty but no fever…you know how it goes. Her second tooth just popped through about a week ago, so we simply thought that this was just another part of her teething phase.

Yeah…not so much.

It turns out that while Lola was at her nine-month well baby checkup, she was diagnosed with a double ear infection; according to the doc, she was at a nine on a severity scale of 1-10. Cue horrible parent guilt syndrome.

Thankfully this story has a happy ending: Lola was fixed up with some hardcore antibiotics and has been acting more like her old self once again. We’re not quite at 100% yet, but she’s happy, yappy, and even napping for stretches longer than 60 minutes!

Lola 1

Lola 2

It’s good to have ya back, kid!

Leftover Super Bowl Notes

  • Still on a Super High from Sunday’s Super Bowl win over the 49ers…I find that I can’t get enough breakdowns and analysis from the big game. Plus I have a feeling I will be watching highlights from this post season all summer long. Even in the digital age, it’s hard to root for your team half way across the country, especially living in the heart of NFC North country, so a win like this feels extra amazing when it happens.
  • Best part about getting the girls to cheer for my football team? Hearing them repeatedly exclaim “Go RAISINS!” 😉
  • For the record, I wanted to switch over the Living in Pursuit homepage to look something like this after the big win…

ravens homepage

…but Missy immediately vetoed that idea. Hindsight, it was probably for the best…good call, babe. Teamwork!

  • The host of our annual super bowl party happens to be a die-hard 49er’s fan…and our dream matchup of San Fran v. Baltimore is one that we’ve talked about for years. It was a lot more stressful than I had imagined it would be, but thankfully he was gracious in defeat at nights’ end.

gracious defeat

Sadly, I probably can’t say the same if the Ravens would have been on the losing end, simply because they would have let such a big lead slip away.

  • MVP of the evening? Miss Shannon Florer, who not only came with us to help out with the girls…who not only bought two dozen Scratch cupcakes for dessert with her employee discount…but who also took all four ladies home after the half time show and put them to bed so that Miss & I could stay and see the end of the game. Ten-thousand thanks again, Aunt Shan!
  • Love this post-game time-lapse of the after party spilling out into the streets of Fed Hill in Baltimore. Nuts…so excited for this city!
  • Wishing I was today’s victory parade back in B’more. Check out this sea of purple and black at M&T Bank Stadium…
  • Coolest picture I’ve seen so far…hooray for Charm City solidarity!




  • Shout out to my ol’ college buddy Jim & and his wife Whitney on the birth of the fist child Ellie Katherine last night 😀 Congratulations again from Iowa…you two will be great parents…hope to meet her someday soon!
  • One other non-sleeping child note: when I brought Jovie back into our room to hang out, Missy was watching the Super Bowl halftime performance that she missed Sunday night on our iPad. As soon as I set Jovie down on our bed, she crawled over to Missy and exclaimed, “It’s Beyoncé!

queen bey

Thank you, Aunt Shannon…I hope you’re proud that your niece not only knows who Beyoncé is, but can recognize her almost instantly 😉

  • Iowa: where we believe that temperatures above zero in January are for wimps:

Actual Temps 2.1.13

Keep in mind…those are the actual air temps. Factor in the wind chill and we easily reached twenty below last week. Brrrrrrrr…

  • G-ma and G-Pa arrived home from their vacation yesterday to a loving airport greeting from the girls, who missed them dearly while they were away:

airport welcome

Going from 81 degrees in Key Largo…

key largo map

…to 18 degrees in Des Moines must have been quite a shock.

  • Sometimes, not even all the Gorilla Glue in the world can fix a favorite toy…

Woody 1

…which is why man invented duct tape.

Woody 2

Look Jovie, knee-pads!

That does it for more tonight…to bed, to bed I said! Have a great week, folks…and Happy Monday Tuesday!


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