Monday Musings

Hey now! It’s been a while…two weeks to be exact. Please accept my apologies for the unannounced hiatus from MM last week. Honestly, I just…didn’t feel like blogging for once. I don’t know if I was just uninspired or had a mild case of Writer’s Block, I just didn’t feel like talking about ME or US for a change.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sharing all things Hardinge with you on a weekly basis, but sometimes I feel like I get a little to braggadocious or too “hey, look how awesome we are” for my own good. Times like that when I need to put on the brakes, pull in the reins, and take a breather. I hope that you didn’t miss us too much…and in the meantime, you should have caught Missy’s outstanding post last Friday on her decision to stay home for the next few years. If you haven’t read it yet…what are ya waiting for?! Go…read it now…I’ll be right here when you’re done.


Finished? Told you it was so good!

Anyway, I’m once again ready to get back in the saddle this week…so let’s get to it!

Blank Canvas

After ten months of staring at mostly blank walls, Missy and I are finally taking major strides to beautifying the inside of our home. We started slowly…with perhaps our most meaningful piece of modern art going up early last summer:

New MM 04

(Love it or hate it, just know that we painted this piece ourselves over the course of a few days for our one-year anniversary. It has been and will be a staple in every home we own.)

Even though we’ve added a few more bits and pieces sporadically throughout the homestead, the floodgates have truly opened now that we have a little more time on our hands as we try our best to beat the late-winter blues.

Our first priority has been the girl’s bedrooms. Since realizing a few weeks ago that they were, well…empty and boring…we have truly transformed them into something that they can have fun in. From flowers…

New MM 06

…to signs & growth charts…

New MM 10

…and even a “Truffula Tree” forest (they are totally digging The Lorax right now)…

New MM 07

New MM 08

We know that we won’t be winning any awards for most unique, trendy, or luxurious nursery any time soon, but with these additions (not mention their crib-rail free beds) we have found that the girls are spending a lot more time hanging out and having fun in their new space. That’s what counts!

We haven’t forgotten about Lola, either…we are currently in the process of turning her nursery into a lovely garden, complete with light-up wall flowers!

New MM 01

We intend to create flower stems with those cords, by the way. And this is all just the beginning, mind you…by no means are we finished. I’m also working on designing some Pin-spired “Subway Art” to hang up for everyone as well.

New MM 02

Aside from the kid rooms, we’re also making a massive push to start our gallery wall, which…as you can see…is currently bare as bones.

New MM 05

We’ve been hoarding stocking up on photo frames for what seems like years


…and finally placed our picture order online to fill them up. Stay tuned to see how this turns out.

Potty Trainee Update

I know that it’s been a few weeks since our last Potty Training Report, but I’m happy to say that we have three more (mostly) trained potty users in this house!

Jovie and Rowan are full-fledged users now, and Sienna…well, she’s almost there too 😉 We’re still struggling to make her feel comfortable doing her business in a “big” potty, and while progress is slow, at least it’s progress. Lately we’ve been pulling out all the stops, from letting her use the “special notebook” while going…


…to having family story time in the bathroom and cheering wildly after each success…

New MM 03

…it seems that everyone is chipping in to put her at ease with this huge change. The great news is that everyone is waking up with dry diapers, even in the morning…and while we’re still assiting with the wipe-up duties, at least we’re not going through 20+ diapers per day anymore.

Needless to say, our savings are going straight to the vacation fund.

Actual Conversation Quote of the Week

“There is something about the day before a giant snowstorm that makes me want to snuggle up in a fluffy quilt and bake homemade bread.”


That certainly qualifies as the most random thing I’ve heard all week. And I’m still waiting on that bread, BTW 😉

As for that snow storm…well, after a week’s worth of hype and accumulation predictions ranging anywhere from 10-20 inches, Winter Storm “Q” eked out a meager 2” before we hit the hay and then maaaybe another 3” overnight. Talk about a letdown!

At least the girls and I were able to make the most out of it on Saturday. I am busy putting together a fun little post and even (gasp!) editing some pictures I took of our winter afternoon outside…stay tuned for that later this week.

Birthday Shoutout

Happy birthday (today!) to everyone’s favorite family photog: Aunt Hannah!

Big things are in store for her this year, including just a minor, teeny-weeny, itty-bitty, miniscule celebration later this summer…

Wedding Announcement

HER WEDDING! Whoooomp!

hans and chris

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget you pop over on Facebook and wish her a Happy B-Day. Or you can just leave a comment here…I’ll make sure she sees them 😉


  • On another, more sober note regarding Hans…sadly she recently had to put her pet cat down. I mention this because Uno was actually our (me and my siblings) family kitten growing up, before Hannah & Chris took full responsibility for her just a few years ago. It’s always hard to lose a pet; she had an awesome and very relatable write up (with some fantastic pictures, natch) about it over on her blog.

Don’t worry, this story does have a happy ending though: Hannah and Chris just rescued two kittens from her local shelter last weekend 😀 Too cute!

  • Other than the Lorax, the girls still love all things Pixar…although Toy Story has fallen somewhat out of favor for Cars as of late. Speaking of Cars, they all refer to Lightning McQueen (the main character) as “Lightning and the Queen”. We will never, ever correct this 😉
  • Speaking of Birthday Shout-outs, another one goes to our pal Caroline, one of the high school ladies Missy was a mentor for back in the day. Awww yeah, happy birthday Caroline!
  • I know this is very belated…but I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! Aside from the standard love notes and chocolates…


…I was able to meet my ladies for a special lunch out at Panera (we only do meals in public on the rarest of occasions…I’m sure you can imagine why.) and deliver personalized gifts from Daddy, which were all a big hit with the crew.


sienna at panera

They sure do love those mailboxes 😀

Anyway, that should do it for tonight, me-thinks. As always, happy Monday and have a great week! I shall return soon.


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