Monday Musings

Hey folks…how’s things?! Hope you had great week…aside from waking up without a voice yesterday morning, I know we did…so let’s get right to it.

Celebrating a First

Saturday afternoon we were all invited to help our pals Michael and Hayley Nixon celebrate their fifth-first-birthday: Liza Nell turned one!

Liza 1

Ok, so technically her birthday isn’t until tomorrow…but we sure partied like it was on Saturday. With a house full of friends, everyone…especially the birthday girl…was having a fantastic time.

party girls

party crowd

And check this out: crafty Miss Missy made her this awesome wood step-stool…


liza stool 2

…which I’m sure she will be implementing as she tries to stand toe-to-toe with her four older siblings. Happy birthday Liza!

(h/t: Most of those pics were from Hayley’s facebook page…hope that’s ok!)

“It’s fun to stay at the…”

We ventured out for a few hours sans kiddos (thanks Shan!) to get some serious errands without eight little hands always asking to help out as well. Our main goal for the morning was to determine if a membership at the YMCA of Greater Des Moines was worth the investment. The cool thing about getting a Y membership in DeMo is that one monthly fee grants access to over 10 locations around the metro…so you’re bound to find a program or gym that fits your needs.

Our first stop returned mixed results: with short drive from the homestead, we definitely liked the location…but aside from some updates to the aerobic room the gym was aging, the childcare room was in the basement with no way for us to see in, and the pool was just a lap pool with no real room for our girls to let loose. We had heard great things about the Waukee Y, yet was it enough to warrant a 15 minute drive across town?

Well, in a word: heckyes.

Brand new facility, lap pool, kiddo pool (we’re talking an entire pool only one and a half to two feet deep), lots of natural lighting throughout, and a huge romper room for childcare. TOTALLY worth the extra few minutes of drive time…it’s all highway anyway.

Yeah…we signed the papers that morning and returned on Sunday to try things out.

Girls at the Y

The girls LOVED it. And the best part? We didn’t have to spend 30 minutes apply sunscreen to four wriggling little girls. WIN.

basement pictures 1

(Sorry…Missy said it was only fair to have a pool picture of me as well. Don’t worry; even though Ro looks petrified, she actually had a blast!)

Missy is already looking what sort of programs and activities the girls can get involved in this summer and fall….the options almost seem limitless. Can’t wait!

Spring Cleaning

Missy has been working feverishly as of late, sorting through and expunging all our…stuff…from the abyss known as our basement. Like last week when she personally spearheaded the effort to sort through the mountains of baby girl clothes we have taking up space…

Photo Feb 24, 4 34 28 PM

…sorting them, and finding them all an organized, proper home.

basement pictures 6

basement pictures 7

We’re also cleaning out all the stuff that hasn’t really moved since, well…we moved in last spring. She’s making some good progress!

basement pictures 5

She found a drawer full of hanging files containing all of my college course notes (well…the important college course notes)…nearly 15 pounds of paper which I promptly recycled without remorse.

basement pictures 2

basement pictures 4

I figured that I could either hang on to them nostalgically for 20 more years and then throw them away, or just get it done now…so the choice was easy. If you’re curious, they all looked mostly like this:

basement pictures 3


You can bet that those won’t be missed.

Actual Conversation of the Week

Me: “Uh…so where are all of our hand towels?

Missy: “I had to take away all of the towels after the girls lost their sink privileges since hand washing turned into a flooded bathroom.

Me: “So is that why their stool was tossed up on our bed?”

Missy: “Yep.”


  • Guess who turned 10 months on Friday? This girl!

Lola 10 months

  • More baby birthday shout-outs to Rooney Williams and Tristan Marks! Remember last March when we did our baby visit tour of Des Moines? Three of our good friends all having babies within the week…nuts!
  • Not that we don’t love our second hand model, but we’re now on the hunt for a legit club house/swing set for this summer and beyond. We like Rainbow Play Systems, but not so much the Rainbow prices. Anybody have any suggestions?
  • Bottled the home brew last night! I even repurposed a case of Boulevard Wheat beer bottles…which was totally a win-win-win situation. Hopefully we will be consuming some delicious Honey Ale in just three-weeks-time.

beer bottles

Pro tip: In case you ever need to remove bottle labels, just soak them in warm water with Oxiclean for 20-30 minutes…the label and glue easily will peel right off; then lightly scrub with a washcloth to get the remaining film off. So simple!

That’s all the news that is news out here in I-A…happy Monday to everybody out there, and have a great week!

One thought on “Monday Musings

  1. Purging! Awesome. That’s what I’M talkin’ about! It’s just so liberating, isn’t it?
    So, how much IS this swing set? I figure with birthdays coming up maybe we friends and relatives could all chip in and make this thing happen for you guys. Anyone interested in pitching in to the “cause”? Where do you buy these and do they have gift cards we could buy / send to you?

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