Tuesday + Musings = Tuesdings.

I’m happy to report that we had a puke-free day yesterday (because I’m sure you really wanted to know that…) and I believe that {knocking furiously on wood} we’ve survived the worst of this latest round of stomach woes. Now if we can only get our littlest through this latest round of teething.

Yes, Lola seems to be going through that *fun* transition from having no teeth to eight teeth in less than 60 days. She already has her lower central incisors…

Tuesdings 47

…but the remaining i-teeth and laterals (the flat teeth that aren’t vampire-ish) all look as if they could break through the gums any day now. In fact, she just had two more come through this past weekend. I can’t imagine the amount of pain she must be in…which means even less sleep for mommy and daddy until this passes.


It’s a good thing she’s so dang cute…

Play Group

For the past few months now Missy and the girls have become part of a play group that meets once a week with a few gals (and their children, of course) that Miss went to high school with. While I’m sure the morning they get together is always chaotic and the logistics can sometimes be an issue, I know that the kids have a blast and the moms always have a good time chatting it up.

Anyway…for the first time this past week, Missy hosted Play Group here at the homestead! There was a huge turnout:

Tuesdings 43

The bounce house…as well as the rest of our unfinished basement-turned-massive rec-room in general…was definitely a hit…

Tuesdings 45

…and she even managed to cram all the kiddos into our pre-school room for lunch:

Tuesdings 46

Come on, now how much fun does that look!?

Shout-out to all the moms of play group!


Do You Vine?

I’m not sure if I can use that as a verb…but my latest favorite use for my iPhone is a brand new app called Vine. It’s a very minimalistic video recording platform, but with a catch: each video clip is only 6 seconds long. And the cool part (that makes it different than most other options out there) is that you start recording your subject when you touch the screen, and stop recording when you break contact. This allows you to document, say three toddlers making chocolate chip cookies (a process that takes quite some time)…

…into a breif six second clip.

The restrictions of the app force you to get in touch with your inner creative side using transitions and cuts simply by tapping the touchscreen…it’s become a new addiction! There is also a social aspect that shares your “Vines” with a community of other users…and some pros out there have already taken things to the next level, and have even made 6-second stop motion short films and loops using the unique touch/start feature.

You should seriously check it out!

Actual Conversation of the Week

No explaination needed.



  • Do you know what today is? ‘Cause Google sure does.

Google Knows

Google knows all. Happy birthday, soon to be Brother in Law!

  • Rowan asked Missy for an actual Truffula Tree today…and seriously threw a fit when she was told that she couldn’t have one. It’s safe to say that I think everyone has officially OD’d on all things Lorax.
  • Another Rowan note: she is lactose intolerant and it was my duty last week to grab her Almond milk while I was out. This is what I ended up with:

Tuesdings 42

Dang it! Sorry, Ro-Bug. The worst part is that I use Almond Milk in my smoothies, and I didn’t even notice that it was Coconut when I made one that very morning. Dad fail.

  • Lastly, a few more fun pics…just because.

Tuesdings 3 Tuesdings 2

That’s all for me tonight…off to catch go curl up with a good book iPad. Happy Tuesday everyone, and have a great week!


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