Monday Musings

Howdy, folks…and Happy (Belated) St. Paddy’s day!


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I hope everyone was able to enjoy a pint of Guinness and bowl full of Shepard’s Pie to celebrate the Feast of St. Pádraig! Or at least a Shamrock Shake for good measure.

In local news, I came across this truly baffling stat: on March 17, 2012 the temperature in Des Moines reached a record high of 83°F…while yesterday our thermometers only peaked at a chilly 41°F. Over forty degrees colder than what we were experiencing one year ago. And to top things off, we all woke up a blanket of fresh powder. Only an inch fell, but it was just enough to wreak havoc on the morning commute.

Only in Iowa…

In a Good Way

I’m not sure exactly where it came from (Jake and Melissa maybe?), but when Miss & I want to quickly communicate to each other how things are going either with ourselves or our children we say “She’s in a good way today” or “She’s in a bad way today” depending on the situation. Lately (all things considered), Lola has been in a good way.

A really, really good way.

I think it might have something to do with the fact that she’s pushed two of her top four front teeth through. Even still, she’s been an absolute joy to be around lately: her laughs, babbles, and smiles have all compelled us to take dozens of pictures these past few days…I’m sure you won’t mind if I share a few, like “helping” load the dishwasher…

Dishwasher 1

Dishwasher 2

Dishwasher 3

Dishwasher 4

Dishwasher 5

Dishwasher 6

Dishwasher 7

…and of her other big development: taking steps! With some assistance, of course…but still…STEPS! She has been favoring the “Bear Chair” (an heirloom from my younger days) in lieu of an actual walker with wheels…it’s more her speed. This has created quite the comical scene as she scoots it around the house.





I even managed to get a few of those steps on video!

It doesn’t work so well on carpet, though…so she still uses it as a chair, too.




Sorry about the bedhead 😉

Spring is in the Air


Hard to believe, but it actually reached the upper 50’s on Friday for the first time this March, and Missy made sure to take full advantage of it with the girls:

at the park4

at the park5

at the park6

at the park1

at the park3

at the park2

And the older girls made sure to show Lola the Hardinge tradition of not being afraid to get their feet wet…

Fundays 1

…and their paws dirty.

dirty paws 1

We’re SO ready for spring!

More Pool Fun!

We’ve been busy putting those Y memberships to good use and spent another fun morning at the Pool!


Fundays 2

Rowan Pool 1

Sienna and Jov even tried the water slide this time, and aside from the occasional slip and fall on the way (overly excited…they definitely need to put rubber mats down!), it was tons of fun for all of us!



As the girls get more comfortable in the water, we think that swim lessons might be on the horizon soon, especially in preparation for the beach later this summer.

Actual Conversation of the Week

Unlike last week, this one might need a little explanation. Usually when the girls send me messages, it’s line after line of crazy emoticons. So when I saw the single “flirty” faces…


…I thought that perhaps Missy had some fun, maybe even flirty news to share!

Nope. It was just my two year old daughter.


  • G-Pa Steve leaves for Ghana today on another two week trip to work the farms, fix the tractors, and plant new plots, as well as a host of other unforeseen obstacles that I’m sure will come his way. I’m jealous of the journey, but not so much the eight hour flight from Detroit to Amsterdam that leaves at midnight tonight. Prayers for his trip would be most welcome! Missy even bought a few toys for Steve to take over with him…they’re always a big hit with the farm kids! I hope to post some pictures in the weeks to come.
  • Shout out and HUGE thank you to the sweet old vet we met in Costco Saturday morning who gave each of the girls a dollar when he saw us pushing them towards the food court. We used them to by the girls their customary strawberry smoothie to sip on while we shopped. We occasionally tend to cause a scene when we go to Costco (or anywhere else) together as a family…


…but that was truly a first. THANK YOU!

  • Chicken McNuggest? Return of the Jedi? Aziz Ansari?! I’m still coming to terms with a milestone birthday later this year, but at least it seems that I’m in good company!
  • Shout out to Adam and Channing Jack (one of the super play group moms) on the birth of their second daughter Livie! Born on St. Patrick’s day…how cool is that?
  • Let the Madness begin! Who are you picking to win it all? Duke, Louisville, Iowa State? From the buzzer beaters, to the cinderella’s, and all the upsets that come with it, I’m totally gearing up for one of the best weekend in sports. Have you filled out your bracket yet?
  • Just wanted to be clear: I didn’t mean to seem disinterested in last week’s Actual Convo of the Week…I actually picked up the phone and called Missy while it was all going down to hear what exactly a “long one” meant for myself.

Ok, wow.

Totally did not mean to have a 30-picture-post…but once I started, I just couldn’t stop. Hope you enjoyed it 😀 Happy Monday, and have a great week!


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