Monday Musings

It’s the one question we’re all begging to be answered…

O Spring, Where Art Thou?

waiting on spring 16

Hello again from central Iowa, on yet another Monday in which we were forced to contend with even more wind and snow sweeping across the plains. At least we’re not alone this time around. Like much of the country, winter just refuses to quit! Missy and I are left grasping at straws trying to continually come up with fresh new indoor activities to keep the crew occupied…

Basement Swings

shaving cream

waiting on spring 1


…and I’m afraid we’re heading for The Lorax on a 24/7 loop if this weather doesn’t improve for good soon.

waiting on spring 18

Please, somebody wake us up when spring arrives.

Road-trip Adventure

With Grandpa Steve in Ghana and aunt Shannon holding down both school and work duties, Grandma Cindy has been feeling a bit lonely over on the Florer farm lately. So much so that she offered to watch the girls not once, but twice last week so that Missy and I could enjoy some much needed adult time.

While we stayed close to home our first night out, we decided to really get adventurous on Saturday and make a short road trip to visit Peace tree Brewing Company.

waiting on spring 11

Peace Tree is a local craft brewery creating beers that have been getting rave reviews state wide…their taproom in Knoxville (Iowa) has been on our personal “list of places to visit” for quite some time now. Wanting to take full advantage of this opportunity, we invited a few of our friends to make the trip with us last minute…and fortunately for everyone involved, they were able to join us!

Knoxville is your typical Iowa “small town” about 45 minutes outside of Des Moines; it was safe to say that our expectations were fairly tempered as we walked inside. But with the laid-back atmosphere and super-friendly staff, our fears quickly began to dissipate. By the time our samplers arrived, we were already loving the low-key vibe of Peace Tree…

waiting on spring 3

waiting on spring 4

waiting on spring 5

…it almost felt like you could pick up the taproom and drop it off in the middle of Portland, Denver…or any other hip city…and not miss a beat. Plus there was a giant moose head made from beer bottle labels keeping watch over the bar…

waiting on spring 10

…you won’t see that anywhere else.

Even though the taproom doesn’t offer full meals (they devote their time to making tasty beer), they strongly encourage their patrons to order in from the other local Knoxville establishments…they even keep take out menus behind the bar. How cool is that? So, that’s exactly what we did. We settled on burgers from a place called the Swamp Fox Pub…which arrived a quick 20 minutes later, giving us just enough time to finish off the remainder our samplers.

waiting on spring 13


So good! After dinner came the brewery tour (free to anyone who asks…win!)…

waiting on spring 8

brew tour 1

…and then card games back at the table, all while we immersed ourselves in great convo, good laughs, and of course…march madness!

waiting on spring 9

However as the night wore on, the snow began to fall at a rather steady clip…so we high-tailed it home to relieve Grandma Cindy of her duties. We arrived to a quiet house and wrapped up the night with a box of freshly baked cupcakes from Scratch…

waiting on spring 12

…thanks as always to Aunt Shan!

Getting out of town with good friends that we see far less often than we would like (and supporting local businesses to boot) almost felt like a mini-vacation for these over-stressed parents. We can’t thank G-ma enough for the opportunity, and we can’t wait to visit Peace Tree again!

peacetree logo

(Hannah, Chris, Addie, Robert, Jake, Melissa…if you’re reading this, you’re totally going to Knoxville with us the next time you visit!)

Actual Conversation of the Week

Me {frustrated}: “Jovie, why in the world is there paint on the walls!?”
Jovie {matter of factly}: “Because I hiyah’d it, daddy!”


  • So, how are those brackets looking? How many of you saw the FGCU Eagles making the sweet 16? Or how about LaSalle over Ole Miss, who upset Wisconsin on Thursday? I’ve been enjoying the madness, but I know there are a lot of upset Iowa State fans who felt jobbed by the refs and that Ohio State shouldn’t have even been in the position to win the game at the buzzer.
  • Less than 100 days until the Hardinge six embark on a cross country journey to be with my sis as she ties the knot! But who’s counting?
  • We aren’t the only ones waiting for spring to arrive; I think we’re sustaining a family of cardinals with the corn leftover from our corn table that we left outside over the winter…

waiting on spring 17

…every morning they sit in our pine tree out back, waiting for the perfect moment to swoop down and grab a few kernels. Nature!

  • Another reason I’m ready for spring to arrive is so that I can finally get back on my bike and put all the gear I got for Christmas to good use! Although it’s getting lighter in the evening, bikes (at least mine) don’t do so well in the snow.

But in all seriousness, I’m afraid these posts are going to start getting awfully repetitive (if they haven’t already) if we aren’t able to get outdoors ASAP. Our yard is screaming for attention, and Missy and I have a list a mile long ready to conquer as soon as it warms up even to average springtime temps.

One can dream…there is a light at the end of the tunnel, with 50’s shown at the end of the 10-day extended forecast. For now, I’m off to bed. Happy Monday, and have a great week!


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