Thursday Thoughts.


We are going to try a new addition to our weekly blog!  “Thursday Thoughts” is going to be an attempt for Me, Missy, to give a few short blurbs about random thoughts, opinions, or happenings that occur in the previous week. Done in list style, of course, to keep it short in words and short in time-consumption. Plus, by no means, do I have writing talent anywhere close to that of my hunk of a husband.

So here it goes, Thursday Thoughts #1:

  • Pixar Movies: Our girls are really into Toy Story 2 and Cars.  I have seen both of these movies a few times before we even had children. However, I never noticed how many “bad words” were in them.  Tonight Jovie quoted “Move over, I want a look at that sexy hot-rod.”  Great.  Looks like it’s back to Super Why.  On a better note, they saw the part on CARS where they look out into the vast valley of beautiful nature and Sienna replied, “That’s Jesus.” to which the other two replied, “Yeah, that is.”  So true. Win.
  • March Madness: Tommy loves watching playoff basketball; I lothe it. I even played it for a few years. It took me awhile to pinpoint why I hate watching it so much now, but I have a concrete reason: the noise. It is a seriously noisy sport to watch. Chanting, yelling, and the worst…shoe squeaking. Imagine how much whiney, squeaky banter I hear all day long as it is. Good thing someone invented a mute button.
  • I saw a parent smoking in their car with two small children strapped into car seats in the back. Basically a tabacco Hot Box. How is this not illegal yet?  I’m pretty sure that if I poured toxic chemicals down my child’s throat, I’d be arrested never to have custody again. How is smoking around helpless children any different? I feel like I can make a citizen’s arrest next time I see it. I’m no perfect parent by any means, but I think this is more serious than a lot of people realize. I really want to do something about this but have no idea where to start. If you have any knowledge of how I can turn up the heat on this issue, please let me know.
  • Wussy. That’s me. I can’t do it. I just can’t. I have never dropped my girls off to be with someone else other than my family. We bought a Y membership. They have free childcare while you go to workout. I want to go workout…but I just can’t drop my babes off with a stranger.  I just need to grow a pair and do it and know that I am only 50 feet away and can be to the child watch within 30 seconds if needed. My April goal is to do this.
  • Book.  A couple of people have jokingly (I hope) asked me to write a book on the crafty stuff I do with the girls.  However, there already is said book. It’s title is Pinterest. I have to stay one step ahead of my herd or they will eat me alive.  Combine that fact, my teaching background/knoweldge, and a large dose of the kids section of Pinterest and you have a recipe for keeping kids happy with things you probably already have in your house. 🙂
  • Easter Egg Hunt.  This is the first time that I will actually be hiding Easter Eggs. See, I rock at Easter Egg Hunts.  I made my dad hide Eggs all the way up until I got married. Thats how much I like the hunt. Having this honed skill makes me a good object-hider. I will seriously have to reel it in and remember that I am not hiding for a Secrect Service bomb squad, just three sweet almost-three-year-olds. I WILL however, eat most of their candy when they are napping.

Well, that’s it for my thoughts today. I hope I can keep this going!

(So does Tommy so I can vent on here and not into his ear while he watches basketball on mute.)


3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts.

  1. LOVED the toilet roll binoculars and the balloon-string rocket. My gosh, what a hoot! I would just love to get a bunch of fluffy, gooey stuff, smear it all over everything and then try to draw pictures in it…with no cares in the world. How liberating! I hope their future husbands will be equally fun and entertaining… You’re the best, Missy.
    Good job “Mother of the Year”.

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