Monday Musings

Missy sent me a surprising little picture message this morning…

Easter Musings18

…on top of a very conspicuous facebook message, practically leading to five minutes of sheer terror and a massive heart attack before she dropped two of the most devious words ever: April Fools!

Did you bite, too?

Just to clarify: we do NOT mean to make light of the situation. There was once a desperate time in our lives where we would give absolutely anything in the world to see that picture. But seeing it now isn’t something that either of us are prepared for. Please know that we’re not coming from a hurtful place on this.


Easter Bunnies

Easter Musings20

Lola Easter

Girls at Easter

Just a few fun pictures from Easter Morning! We had a busy, busy day…from church…

Easter Musings05

Easter Musings06

Easter Musings07

Easter Musings08

…to our egg hunt…

Easter Musings11

Easter Musings10

Easter Musings09

…and finally over to G-Ma and G-Pa’s for Easter dinner!

Easter Musings12

To make things even worse (but eventually better), the girls traded the Easter Bunny their one vice (the paci’s)…

Easter Musings19

…in return for their Easter Baskets…

baskets 2

baskets 1

…and remote control Cars cars.

Easter Musings04

Easter Musings03

(Lightning and the Queen!)

Needless to say, it’s been a rough 48 hours since. No more naps, and struggles to fall asleep… Jovie has been the hardest to adapt, tearing apart the covers and mattresses looking for the comfort of her pacifier. 😦

This too shall pass…this too shall pass…this too shall pass…

30 Day Countdown

We are officially one month away from one very special birthday. One very special golden birthday, actually! Missy and I snapped a few photos today for the baby album…take a look:

Easter Musings21

Can you believe how big she’s getting?!

Easter Musings14

(SOOOOO big!)

Easter Musings17

Easter Musings15

Easter Musings13

Standing on her own and even taking steps! Trying to keep up with those big sisters 😉

Easter Musings16

We didn’t know how much adding a baby to our already chaotic lives last May was going to affect our the family that we had been working on so hard on for the past two years. But for every cry, whine, and moments of utter frustration, there are smiles, laughs, kisses, and hugs…now I couldn’t imagine our lives any other way.

Out of Africa

Guess who’s back?

Easter Musings02

Grandpa Steve arrived home safe and sound on Saturday, back from two long, hot weeks in Ghana! From long days working the farm planting maize and palm oil trees, to an amazing Palm Sunday service in one of the local villages,


…Steve reports all is well from Ho.

Probably the most amazing story I’ve heard so far involves the tractor that was sent over last year. It was in desperate need of repair, and the only way Steve could diagnose the problem was through digital pictures half-a-world away. So he packed all of the tools and hoses that could fit in his luggage and said a mighty prayer for the best…and guess what?

They all fit, and they were able to use the tractor for planting.

Praise Jesus!

I asked G-Pa to send over some pics to share…we sincerely hope you enjoy them!

Citrus orchard with Mt Adaklu

Oil palm bunch removed from plant

Richard & Kujo on new tractor

Steve and Sam

Steve in Ghana

Pioneer seed corn planter

soccer ball


  • Hope everyone caught Missy’s new addition to the blog: Thursday Thoughts! She hopes to keep it up every week…make sure you tune in for them 🙂
  • Tommy Boy doing the “Vader Voice”:

And Rowan doing her “Vader Voice”:

She doesn’t have a clue what Star Wars even is, but she knows all about how to make the Darth Vader Voice in the fan. Parenthood = success. If you can’t at least crack a smile to that, then like my man Jeff Probst says: I’ve got nothing for ya 😉

  • My latest batch of homebrew is ready…best yet, no foolin’! 


It took a little longer for it to “carb up” after I bottled, but I think it’s safe to say that it’s officially ready for consumption! It’s my least hoppy brew yet…it doesn’t taste like I just added a bunch of flavor to overshadow the poor home brew twang. I might be pretty decent at this beer making stuff after all…I actually surprised myself by how well it turned out!

  • For all the snow talk recently, I’m happy to report that Friday’s weather was as close to perfect as you can find in March. We broke out the grill and had our first meal of the season cooked outdoors…and holy crap. It was heavenly.

Easter Musings01

Ok. I better quit before I add 30 MORE photos. Happy Monday, and have a great week…goodnight!


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