Thursday Thoughts.


It is warming up.  Our walls were closing in on us at the Hardinge Household.  I’m going to pretend that next week isn’t going to be cold and rainy, and just soak up the fresh air and sunshine these next few days.

  • Taxes.  Normally I have them done by now, but the only time I don’t have kids with me is from 8:30-10 at night, which is usually consumed by cleaning up things of a tiny nature, be it handprints, toys, or chunks of play-doh.  Our taxes get more complicated with all the changes we have had over the last few years.  When we built our home, we put in Geothermal heating/cooling.  I choked when I saw the cost.  However, I almost peed my pants with joy when I saw the tax return we will get from it!  Even though it will all go to pay off a part of our home loan, it is still exciting.
  • Last night as I was brushing three sweet sets of little teeth, I told the girls that they get to go to a “special place” at the Y in the morning where they can play with toys while I run and then I’d come back to get them.  Rowan looked at me with her big brown eyes and said “Don’t leave me Mommy, I love you.”  Crap.  Next week.  The rain will dive me crazy enough for sure.
  • Chalk.  I hate it.  Ironic, because I am a teacher.  I once had a classroom where my front wall was covered in chalkboard.  My teeth would literally grow sweaters every time someone wrote on it, and if I had to, I was covered in goosebumps.  Thank-you inventor of the white board, you eventually saved me from my pain.  Temporarily.  See, our girls LOVE sidewalk chalk.  Let me be more specific.  Our girls LOVE for me to draw animals on our driveway with chalk so they can feed them grass and then color spots on the them and recently, they like to “play” hopscotch.  My tounge has sores on it from the biting I have had to do to complete said task.  Whiteboard driveways anyone?

sidewalk chalk

  • Naps.  Our older girls are officially done with naps.  I knew the day was coming, but no one can mentally prepare themselves for 13 straight hours of non-stop kid entertainment.  I’m trying to find a good solution by having them still take part in a “quiet time” but they share a room and they have so much fun together that they end up waking up Lola from her ONE AND ONLY nap.  If I separate them into different rooms, one will end up in our toy room (unfair) and one in our room (destruction.).  Hopefully we will come up with a solution soon!
  • Backyard Adventures.  Genius.  A playground showroom with ten or so swing sets on display.  During the week days you can pay $5 a kid for open play form 10-5.  There is even a little room with a fridge and microwave and some picnic tables to eat your picnic lunch.  They have got to make bank on this concept.  Hardly any overhead costs. Only one sweet man working the front desk.  I could be that sweet man.  Take swing set orders on the phone or computer. Maybe Norwalk is looking for a place like this. 🙂

Play Set 1 rowan1 Play Set 2 Play Set 3

  • Joy.  I’ve blogged about this before, but I think it deserves much more attention.  My Grandmother who is in her 80’s drives out to our house once a week, uses a walker to get up to our house, up the stairs, just to have an hour or so of sweet snuggle time with her great-grandaughters.  Most of this time is spent by her reading books to them.  Sometimes they even greet her at the door with a stack of books.  Its one activity that she can participate in with them and she has been doing this since they were born.  It is a constant source of joy in my life.

Play Set 5


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts.

  1. You and I share the same hatred toward chalk! Hate it hate it hate it! My kids love it and want me to draw with it daily when the weather is nice. I feel like I constantly need to moisturize my hands!

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