Monday Musings

Sun…short sleeves…warm breeze…Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s hear it for April!

If you’re here in Iowa, I hope you managed to get outside and enjoy the more seasonable weather…before it once again turns for the worse later this week.

Exploring SCIowa

While the weather this past weekend was mostly perfect, Saturday started off a bit too blustery for the girls to partake in any outdoor activities…like the trip to the zoo we had planned.

So we quickly switched gears and decided on a trip to the Science Center of Iowa (SCIowa) instead.The Science Center is loaded with things for the girls to explore…and we happened to visit while a T. Rex Named Sue was in town! You can bet that “she” was our first stop:

Second Monday Pics01

T. Rex goes RAAWWWWWR!

Second Monday Pics10

SCIowa is also packed with hands-on activities specifically geared for little ones.

Second Monday Pics02

missy sciowa pics1

Second Monday Pics11

missy sciowa pics2

missy sciowa pics5

Missy and I were glad to “assist” with thier learning process, too 😉

Second Monday Pics04

Second Monday Pics05

Second Monday Pics06

I think the favorite (at least mine) was the Weather/Green Screen discovery area…

Second Monday Pics03

missy sciowa pics3

missy sciowa pics4

The girls were in awe!

We ended up spending four hours at the Science Center We used a family pack Groupon to cover the entry this time, but we’ve actually been on the fence about buying a full-time membership for a while now. Yet without really knowing if the girls would like it, we couldn’t justify making the splurge. Needless to say, we’ll be getting that membership now!

Perfect Sunday

The weather was still a bit iffy Sunday morning, but after a family trip to swim at the Y, we walked outside to shining sun and gorgeous blue skies. What better way to take advantage of it all with a cook out…

Second Monday Pics12

Second Monday Pics13

…our first family dinner of the year outside on our deck…

Second Monday Pics14

Second Monday Pics15

(Click to embiggen…sorry, Grandma got washed out by the sun…just a sign of how amazing the weather was Sunday night!)

…and a family evening walk as the sun set. So money.

Second Monday Pics17

Let me tell you: it’s amazing just to finally be outside again. You know it was a good day when your driveway looks like this!

Second Monday Pics16

Let me know when you spot the stuffed bear riding a horse 😉

Actual Conversation of the Week

The unforeseen dangers of using the “talk-to-text” funtion on your iPhone…

…especially when young ears are listening. Mommy will be more careful next time 😉

Birthday Shoutout(s)

Two b-day shout-outs this week…whoop whoop! First goes out to Aunt Melissa, who turns thirty…something…today!

melissa bday

Second S/O goes to Uncle Bob, turning the big deuce-deuce on Wednesday 🙂

bob and chris

Happy birthday to you crazy family members that we mention to the girls only when absolutely necessary.

Just kidding…miss you both like mad!


  • I could listen to this all. day. long. Love her laugh!

Quick backstory before Missy slaps me for publishing our messy bedroom scene: Lola napped late Sunday afternoon for almost two hours. We purposely didn’t wake her up because we were getting so much accomplished on our garage clean-up list. So…she was up super late while we tried to put a dent in our massive laundry pile (including some major consignment sale finds…more on that Thursday!). Anyway, this was our attempt to humor ourselves while she refuses to go to sleep. (Side note: not sure where the eBay adverts are coming from on my embedded vids…help?)

  • Double to fun! We went out with Ben and Hillary on Saturday night for a quick dinner to Missy’s favorite spot (Granite City, natch). We love our date night time, but as you can probably tell we’ve lately been trying to get out and actually be adults with other adults…it’s been nothing short of perfect.

ben and hill

tom and miss

  • Well, my week couldn’t have started off with any worse smack in the face after a perfect weekend than when a work acquaintance that I haven’t seen for quite some time told me that it looked like I had gained a few pounds since he last saw me…in a not-trying-to-be-funny sort of way. I know it’s true, but you don’t have to call me out like that, ok? Operation lose some weight before Hannah’s wedding/the beach starts now. Which is sad, considering my most excellent batch of home brew is just asking to be consumed now. Anyone want to come help me get rid of it?

Yep, so that about does it! I’m falling asleep while typing this, and Missy is trying to swipe the laptop screen over on the bed. We’re beat.

Happy Monday, and have a great week!


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