Thursday Thoughts

  • Mother Nature.  You’re a mother, a parent.  It says so in your name.  So please throw all other parents a freaking bone and regulate this crazy up and down weather.  We appreciate the much-needed rain, but can we work out a system where it rains from 8-11 at night, no thunderstorms, and then is 72 and sunny during the day?  MMMkkkkkthanks.
  • So Tommy and I have been together for about 11 years now.  We both still love to surprise each other.  We haven’t been away overnight on our own somewhere in over a year now and we are in desperate need of a mini-vacay.  I wanted to plan a surprise trip where Tommy would come home from work, I would have our bags packed and we would venture out.  However, since we don’t get away often, I thought that a little more input from both sides might be appreciated.  I researched the Mumford & Sons tour dates to see if they were coming close anytime soon, since they are one of Tommy’s favorite bands, and it turns out that they will be in Kansas City on our anniversary in June!  We scored tickets in a presale, and its a good things since tickets never really made it to the “regular” sale date. Combine that with the fact that the day before is Father’s Day and Tommy’s favorite beer, Boulevard Wheat, is brewed in KC offering brewery tours, and we have an epic trip planned.  Don’t worry, there will be plenty of eating and shopping as well.  Thanks to my fam for watching our girls!
  • Thunder and lightening.  We used to love both of these things as long as they weren’t dangerous.  We have even stayed up late just to watch a good storm roll in.  Then we had kids.  During the day, not so bad, but we now loathe storms at night.  Cracks of thunder wake up our girls and the lightening keeps them awake.  We have had a couple of really long nights this week, but it got a little better when we told them that Jesus was just wanting a fireworks show.  They love fireworks.  They love Jesus.  Win win, right?
  • Consignment sales.  Love them.  My children go through clothes like crazy in size and in general wear and tear.  Plus, we are on a one-income budget.  I just recently went to an all-childrens sale and scored some “new” toys and almost all of their summer play clothes as well as many clothes for the fall as well.  Overall, I got over 60 items of clothing, a kid-size rocking chair, two booster chairs, a scooter, various toys, and an umbrella stroller all for about $140. Score.

Photo Apr 05, 11 20 14 AM Photo Apr 10, 10 21 09 PM

  • Watch your too-old-to-be-playing-here-kids please. I love kids.  Obviously.  However, I have recently seen a frustrating trend occurring in kid-friendly public places.  I know everyone is going crazy indoors, but I feel it is a parental duty to find AGE-APPROPRIATE activities for your kids to do.  This means not allowing your 13 year old boys run crazy through the zoo playground, shoving sweet two-year-old girls out of their way.  Also, isn’t 11 or 12 a little too old to be playing in the mall playplace?  I used to teach this age-range so I feel pretty well-equipped in knowing what is appropriate for them.  The worst one we recently witnessed can be seen in the picture below.

Photo Apr 06, 1 28 31 PM

Yep.  I am nursing in the “tiny scientists” section of the science center and these rowdy boys, who were not tiny by any means, came running through playing hide and go seek.  After scarring the crap out of our girls by taking things from their hands, this boy then knocked my feet out and hid here.  I told Tommy to take a picture from across the room.  It was that unbelievable.  His mom was sitting OUTSIDE the exhibit on what sounded like a “date” as we heard the conversation on our way out.  Watch your children in public lady.

  • Finally, I almost hugged a stranger at the library after story time yesterday.  A sweet young mom said, “You probably get this all the time, but you look exactly like Emily Maynard from the Bachelorette.  Do you know who she is?”  Ummm whoa.  I’ll take it.  However, I KNOW I look nothing like her.  Especially because I am sure she has showered in the last two days, she owns shoes that match her belts, her nails are always done, and she could shove both of her legs in one of my pant legs.  But lady…you just made my day.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Which consignment sale did you go to? (If you don’t mind saying.) There were two in the Des Moines area last week. I went to the one in Ankeny and found a bunch of cute clothes for my 4 month old daughter. Her name is also Lola, by the way! We came across your blog after she was born and liked that you have a daughter named Lola too.

    • I went to “Twice Blessed” at a church near Valley High School in West Des Moines 🙂 We totally scored!

      Lola is a good name 🙂

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