Thursday Thoughts.

Basically this week’s TT is a photo gallery of our week.  The weather has me down and my thoughts are mostly consumed by what activity I can come up with next in order to keep ahead of eight busy hands and eight busy feet.

  • In case you didn’t catch it from other social media… our baby is walking.  It is one of those things that is so exciting and so sad at the same time. We don’t plan on having any more children, so every “first” Lola has is our last “first” of that nature.  I will however, be VERY glad to have her walking at playgrounds when and if the weather warms up instead of crawling around in dirt and wood chips.
  • The girls LOVE arts and crafts.  What almost three year old doesn’t right?  Recently the girls have taken to painting on their easels.  They saw an episode of Max and Ruby where Max paints on paper that Ruby has hung on a fence and now they insist that they paint “up and down” and not of the table.  Even though they shared a womb, and many other things after, they definitely have very different minds.

Thursday Thoughts 3_21Thursday Thoughts 3_22

  • I take the girls to story time every week at the West Des Moines Library.  The staff does an awesome job keeping a big group of preschoolers moving and entertained for 30 minutes. Last week, “Miss Jenna” told the crowd to “stand up” and Lola instantly did.  It was unbelievably cute.  See below.

Thursday Thoughts 3_7

This week they busted out the shaky eggs and the dancing scarves as well.

Thursday Thoughts 3_17 Thursday Thoughts 3_18

  • How many sweet girls does it take to make banana bread?

Thursday Thoughts 3_12

One more than it takes to lick the bowl. (sorry Lola, your time will come)

Thursday Thoughts 3_13

  • So the girls and I were playing outside at their sand table yesterday when out of nowhere comes THIS:

Thursday Thoughts 3_14

Now.  EVERY parent has that moment where you have to stay calm so your children do the same, but inside you are screaming in terror.  Yep.  That was me.  I don’t really like birds.  This GIANT pigeon landed RIGHT. Next. To. My. Children.  I calmly said, “oh you silly bird, you can’t play with us right now.” and I hurried our girls to our front porch.

It followed us.

Thursday Thoughts 3_16

I got a broom and “shooed” it away.

dove on car

It came back.  In our garage.  I was even afraid to open the door into our home because it seemed THAT comfortable with humans.  It has two ankle bracelets on, so if you  know what that means, PLEASE let us know… because it finally left last night after 8 sometime.

But then during the rainstorm today, I looked out and saw this:

Thursday Thoughts 3_20

  • Okay.  Prepare yourself for a political rant.  I find it very hard to understand why anyone would EVER vote against a person having to pass a background check in order to purchase a firearm.   Some say it violates the second amendment?  Well, this may seem harsh but I bet that if whomever voted against background checks, or God-forbid their innocent children, had to spend even an hour at the gunpoint of some psychopath on a personal mission… their vote would change.
  • Finally, our girls are wishy-washy on the afternoon nap these days.  I make them have a “rest” which usually means they bounce on each others beds for 60 minutes straight.  Then the following pictures occur when I try and take them anywhere sans nap:

sienna sleeping 1

Thursday Thoughts 3_1 Thursday Thoughts 3_2 Thursday Thoughts 3_4 Thursday Thoughts 3_5 Thursday Thoughts 3_8 Thursday Thoughts 3_9 Thursday Thoughts 3_10 Thursday Thoughts 3_11 Thursday Thoughts 3_19

Most adults I know would do anything for a good nap where another person tucks you in, plays soothing white noise, makes the room completely dark, and someone actually WANTS you to sleep.  The world is so backwards.


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