Monday Musings

Question: With 68 degree temperatures and partly cloudy skies, what more could you ask for on a Sunday afternoon?

Answer: Wind speeds under 30 miles per hour.

It finally was sunny and dry enough to get outdoors yesterday, but less than 10 minutes later we headed back in again in fear of one blowing away in the furious winds roaring up from the south.

It’s not even the clouds and rain that’s depressing; it’s the fact that everything is still brown and gloomy! It’s been so cold that we haven’t mown the grass once this year and there is nary a bud on the tree branches…

Decor Musings 10

…everything still looks dead and dormant. The girls see the sun shining, but with the exception of a day or two the temperatures have remained a good 20 degrees below normal. It’s so frustrating to spend so long indoors, but until the weather improves, that’s where we’ll be.

Thankfully it looks like once we make it past Wednesday the sun is here to stay.

Decor Musings 09

Please, oh please let it be true!

More Décor

We’ve slowly adding to our walls as we attempt to give our house a more homey feeling, and lately we’ve been on a picture-hanging kick. My favorite so far has been our “destination wall”…

Decor Musings 04

…a collection of poster-sized pictures from some of our favorite places we’ve visited. From Ghana…

ghana farm kids

…to Hagerstown (specifically, the location of our very first date ;-))…168_504110806209_9762_n


…and Portland…


…if you squint hard enough it’s almost like you’re right there in the picture, especially since they are sandwiched in between our picture window and glass slider. I thought about even framing them with an old window pane, but with old barn door across the room I felt that it would be repurpose overkill. Even without it, I think it turned out OK 🙂

We also added some “us” pictures in the basement landing…staples from the townhome that we’re finally getting around to hanging here.

My sis made us that one for our wedding…the border is a collage of all sorts of old school pics:

Decor Musings 11

So fun!

Decor Musings 13

And this one was our wedding guestbook…

Decor Musings 12

…look at those two young chaps…and check out Missy’s dark hair!

Boston Strong

As with the rest of America Missy and I have been glued to our TV’s and “second screens” throughout much of the past week watching the drama unfold in Boston. Although we’ve never personally visited, we know that Boston is a great American city steeped in history and tradition. It is most definitely on our bucket list of places to visit…the history buff in Miss would love to walk the freedom trail, and the sports buff in me would even become a Sox fan for a day if it meant seeing a game at Fenway 😉 Maybe we’ll even take the whole fam one day.

For those that are interested, here are a lot of personal thoughts looking back on such an emotional week:

  • The latest attacks are just another reason I want to barricade my family inside my home and never let them go anywhere…part of me thinks that the “Preppers” may be on to something after all. I don’t remember there being so much anguish and evil in the world when I was a kid. Is it just the fact that we’re more in tune to the happenings of the world now through the new ways of information and communication…or is there really a lot more ugliness out there now?
  • The fact that Boston was able to find, name, and capture two totally unknown terrorist in a huge city in less than a week still amazes me. I know this picture was actually a widely circulated photo from back when the new pope was chosen…


(Image taken from // Source)

…but I feel that it illustrates perfectly why nobody should ever expect to get away with anything in the digital age. Somebody somewhere is always watching.

  • Oh man, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see the looks on the suspects faces when their picture was first splashed across every major news outlet in the world.
  • I find it increasingly hard to stomach the barrage of gruesome photos making their way across the web, especially from the major news outlets. I get the need to convey information, but there’s a point of over-saturation in which the pictures are used more for their shock value more than anything else. Plus I feel that a picture like this one:

(John Tlumacki,The Boston Globe / Source)

is much more effective than some other, more bloody pictures I’ve seen.

  • Thumbs down to certain media outlets that increasingly care more about being first to break news instead of actually getting the facts right. Two thumbs down to certain online communities for creating 21-century digital witch hunts with unconfirmed or outright false information. Three thumbs down for those quick to use the bombings for their personal political agendas: pushing gun rights (Seriously…how does saying that help anybody?), touting conspiracy theories, and all sorts of false flag mongering. I’m thankful to live in a country with free speech…but we can do better than that, can’t we?
  • The MBTA office shot last Thursday night was a VMI class of 2002 alum. Every freshman at VMI is given a “mentor” from the senior class, and members from the class of 2002 were seniors when I matriculated into VMI after high school. I didn’t personally know Dic Donohue, but my “mentor” Joey knew him well, as did many others I knew from his class. He nearly lost his life in the gun battle of Watertown; struck by a bullet that pierced three major arteries in his thigh. Thankfully he is expected to make a full recovery; he’ll never have to buy another drink in Boston again.
  • As many have pointed out, it was truly heartwarming watching the good side of humanity out in full force immediately after the bombings, evidenced by the tremendous amount of people rushing towards the terror rather than away from it. I’m always skeptical of quotes I find/hear on the internet (like…this?), so when I first saw the Mr. Rogers “Helpers” quote I thought it was almost too good to be real. But then NPR played the actual sound clip from Mr. Rogers himself (here is the video); I’m glad I can now fully embrace how great, and how true, it really is. Mr. Rogers, you are beyond awesome.
  • Class act of solidarity from the Red Sox, choosing to wear custom home white jerseys with the word “BOSTON” across the chest on Saturday:

Boston Jersey

( / Source)

rather than their standard “RED SOX” text usually seen when the Sox are at Fenway. Also, you gotta love Big Papi’s speech, followed up by a tweet from the president of the FCC saying that his public f-bomb was justified.

In the end, I’m just thankful that it’s all finally over and I continue pray for all of those affected by this tragedy across the world.

Actual Conversation of the Week

“Look Mom! I took a picture of you lookin‘ at me and gave you crazy hair!” – Jovie

crazy hair mama

Just so we’re clear: Jov opened the Draw & Play app, opened the camera function IN said app, took the picture, clicked “USE”, and proceeded to modify. All by herself.

And yes, she’s still two.


  • If you can’t beat the rain, then join it…at least temporarily 😉

Decor Musings 02 Decor Musings 01

  • Miss and I have identified about three weekend projects to really jump start our landscaping goals. G-pa Steve is anxious to help out as well, and was even over last night in the skid-loader helping clear out more trees and concrete left over from our projects last year. Now, if only this weather would start cooperating.

Decor Musings 08

  • Our girl’s favorite thing to do is load up as many toys as they can into their baskets and bags, then haul them around from one room to another. The strangest thing is that they don’t even play with them once they get to the next room…the whole point of the activity is to transport their stuff around the house. Now, if only we could get them to clean it up once their finished.

Decor Musings 06 Decor Musings 05

  • More from the “No Mom/No Dad, We Don’t Need a Nap” series:

Decor Musings 03 Decor Musings 07

That’s all tonight…happy Monday, and happy Earth Day!

Have a great week!


5 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. “The fact that Boston was able to find, name, and capture two totally unknown terrorist in a huge city in less than a week still amazes me.” —heeeyyy…. isn’t this my tweet? 😀

  2. Also, I think everyone in the world thinks, at least once, that the world was more peaceful and people more honorable back in the days of their childhood (see: Glenn Beck), but in reality, we were just children. We didn’t know how to focus on horror. As adults we do, and we exaggerate it, mostly because we have more to lose. That’s why I think Rogers’ quote is the best – to remember that 2 jerks out of millions should not be allowed to define what “people-in-general” are like now, when many, many more than 2 people ran to help. Becoming fearful is what a terrorist would want us to do – that is the point of their actions. I love this article:

    Just to see how brave and optimistic people that lost their limbs are being in the face of horror. I want to use them as inspiration for my actions instead of the terrorists.

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