Thursday Thoughts.

We are so freaking excited to have a weekend with nice weather.  We will basically be outside 24/7 and can’t wait to have our first bonfire of the year.  I plan to stuff my face with many s’mores.

  • THE pants.  Every girl (or guy) has a pair.  Or at least every girl that likes to eat food.  The pants they used to fit into or want to fit into.  Mine happen to be a pair of jeans worn often in my late college days.  Since about 2007 those pants have been staring at me as I traveled up and down the size scale with various life events.  I totally gave myself a pass for being pregnant twice, one of those times with triplets.  Over the weekend we were cleaning out some boxes in the basement and I found them.  THE pants.  Recently, due to nursing non-stop and never EVER being able to sit down due to my “profession”, I have become about 15 pounds under my pre-any-of-my-pregnancies weight.  I took the pants upstairs, closed my eyes, and pulled them on.  They. Fit.  Go me.  Or…go Lola?  Well anyway, I was excited.  Its not a size 2 or anything, but I don’t ever want  to or think I could be a size 2.  It just felt good to fit into them again.  That lasted until the zoo when I was taking the older girls on the train and Joive said (very loudly), “Whoa Mommy, you have a REALLY big bottom.”  Yep.
  • How is my baby turning one next week?  I feel like I was in labor yesterday.  The days are long but the years are truly short.

Photo Apr 24, 2 41 09 PM

Photo Apr 22, 4 38 14 PM

  • Pals.  I am really really blessed with friendship. Different groups of friends from different parts of my life.  One group I wanted to make note of is a group of girlfriends I have had since childhood/high-school.  My friend Sara and I have been friends since birth (our parents were friends before we even existed) and I met the other girls throughout elementary school and high-school.  We try to get together once every month or two for supper and catch up.  We are all in different walks of life right now, but we share so many memories together, mainly that of surviving the roller-coaster years of high-school with each other.  I cherish our dinners together and I hope that they continue well into our wrinkly years.  Stay tuned for a throwback blog girls.  You have been warned. (Yes, I have my shoes off and I am still that tall.)

Girls Night 1

  • Can anyone who was home-schooled, wants to homeschool, or is currently homeschooling chime in on if you think it would be a good option for us?  Did you/Do you do a computer based program?  Do you rotate houses/subjects with other homeschoolers?  I have so many more questions!!!
  • People sometimes ask me if I always dress our older girls alike.  Here is the thing.  When I go into public places, it is just easier to keep an eye on three yellow shirts than three different colored shirts.  It also helps me with laundry/organization/getting ready time.  I would say we are about at 50/50 with the dress alike/different debacle.  Now that they have an opinion on what they wear, I’ll be interested to see how often they want to “match” or not.  We are ordering them personalized backpacks for their birthdays and I tried to get them to choose three different ones, but they each strongly requested the same exact pink one.  This will change eventually, so I’ll let it be cute that they want to match for now.

Photo Apr 24, 12 12 27 PM

  • Paint.  Kids love it.  If you are looking for a new activity for your toddler, go to Michaels and let them pick a wooden object to paint for a few dollars.  They can paint it many times.  Our birdhouse is on its third layer.

Photo Apr 20, 6 56 02 PM

  • Our girls love to fly kites.  I have only bought them ones from the dollar store because they always end up tangled together.  But those break easily which leads to many tears, so I think maybe they should get some real kites for the summer.  I’ll put it on their birthday wish list.  This is the sequence of kite events today:

Photo Apr 24, 5 01 25 PM

Photo Apr 24, 5 02 23 PM

Photo Apr 24, 5 15 54 PM

In closing, I want to share that I have found the grossest thing ever.   The coy pond at the zoo.  Ew.  I took the older girls to the zoo on Saturday while Lola napped and let them feed the fish for the first time.  It is every parent’s nightmare that their child will fall into this.  I was terrified and made them sit down the whole time.  I also may or may not have snapped at a middle schooler who went running through there and almost knocked Sienna in.

Photo Apr 20, 3 41 25 PM

Photo Apr 20, 3 38 59 PM


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts.

  1. Ditto on the coy pond. I try to avoid at all costs, including buying more goat food. I get the dress alike question a lot too. My responses are the same. Now that my girls are a little older they still want the same outfits but they want to wear them on different days. They get really bent if I buy two different things. “Mom, how are we supposed to match?” Some days they do and some days they don’t. I learned long ago not to fight that fight.

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