Thursday Thoughts.

Hi.  I’m here.  If you follow this blog regularly, you know that the last few weeks have been tough and our blog was the very last thing on our mind.  But life pushes forward and we want to continue to document our lives on this venue because, in all reality, we may not remember much of these crazy years if we didn’t write it down.  It would be amazing if we could keep this going for the next 17 years and print off our entires in a book to give to our girls when then head out into the world on their own.  Dreams.  We have a lot of them.  Let’s get to my random list shall we?

  • My “baby” turned one.  How is this possible? She is walking everywhere and is starting to develop a very strong personality.  It was just yesterday that I was convincing myself that I wasn’t in labor.  I swear.  She is beautiful and ornery, easy-going and loving, tough and fearless.  We love her and I especially love that her older sisters still call her “my baby.”


  • My older “babies” turned three.  Rowan, Jovie, and Sienna keep me on my toes for sure. They are funny, curious, and smart, which while seperated, those traits are great, but when combined times 3, it can get dangerous.  I swear the threes are going to be harder than the twos.  Rowan still loves to snuggle and is very sensitive and creative.  Jovie can fingue ANYTHING out that she knows she shouldnt, likes to play by herself, and she gives the best smooches to this day.  Sienna still loves letters and numbers and is obsessed with cats.  They are so excited to have their party still that we “play” party with play-doh cupcakes and everything.  So. Freaking. Sweet.  I have gotten a few looks of confusion when I have said, “Yes, I have triplet three year olds.”  It takes some people awhile to unfold that I guess?  Too many 3’s.

IMG_4249 IMG_4339

  • Mother’s Day.  I was very blessed and surprised on Mother’s Day.  I received cards from good friends and well wishes around every corner.  I even got a text message from my friend Mandy that moved me to tears.  It was so uplifting and encouraging and meant more to me than I think she knows.  All of these things really got me thinking.  Mothers should lift each other up WAAAAYYY more often.  Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, there is a lot of “mommy judgement” that goes on.  Who feeds their kids the most organic food, who never lets their children even glance at a TV, who stays home to raise their own kids full-time and who holds a different daytime job,  whose two year old knows all the continents and presidents and can write their names in cursive…in four languages, etc.  When in all reality, we should be really, truly encouraging each other whilst we are enduring the hardest job of our lives.  If that means high-fiving the mom giving her daughter a time-out in the middle of the cereal isle at Target, we should do it.  If that means writing or texting one mommy a week just to say, “You are doing an amazing job raising your kids.” we should do it.  I’m vowing to lift up one mother every ten days.  It may be someone I know, it may be someone I run into out and about, but I hope it makes a difference.  I think we would all be better mamas if we encouraged each other more.
  • I cry at every Subaru commercial without fail.  Anyone else?  I mean…its a commercial for a car but its more like the car is telling the story of a child growing up.  Every. Single Time.
  • Rowan and Jovie have recently developed a love for hard-boiled egg whites.  I am so pumped. Our kids are fairly picky eaters, and even though its not the easiest thing to throw together with the boiling and peeling and all, its still an awesome snack/breakfast.  They smell like a high-school locker room though.  Ew.
  • We have no neighbors, so our girls are accustomed to dropping trough by a tree or the property line and peeing right there. For the record, Tommy does not care for the fact that I let them do this, but I grew up doing the same thing as a benefit of living “in the country” and if I had to round up everyone to take them inside every time someone had to “pee Pee”…we would never stay outside.   Recently on a trip to the Omaha Zoo, we discovered that we had never taught them that said type of bathroom only occurs at home.  Yep.  We caught it in time that not too many patrons were traumatized.  Tommy gave me “the look”.  I was unphased.


  • My parents have a huge garden which they let us harvest from (awesome).  Right now Rhubarb is ripe and the pies, crisps, and bread are flying out of my kitchen.  I feel so blessed to be able to teach the girls about growing healthy food.  Tonight the girls helped me compost the leaves of the rhubarb and asked, “Does composting make the whole wide world (what they call earth…cute.) happy and healthy?”  I melted.  Yes.  Yes it does.

Photo May 23, 7 39 48 PM

  • Here are pictures I want to share because I simply like them and moms will always share photos when they can.  Feel free to skip them if you are already sick of the 3485 photos I have already posted on Facebook or Instagram in the last few weeks.

IMG_4603 IMG_4522 IMG_4524 Photo May 23, 7 26 37 PM IMG_4581 IMG_4285 IMG_4423 IMG_4236


One thought on “Thursday Thoughts.

  1. I can’t wait to see all this adorable beauty as each one, along with Lily, serve as flower girls at Aunt Hannah’s wedding next month. They will help make one of the most memorable weddings the guests will ever attend. Just you wait and see! Poppy and MiMi are SOOOO pumped!

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