What? Don’t look at me like that.

Bloggers get federal holidays off, too…didn’t you know? We even get a really good deal when it comes to the minor holidays as well: Groundhog Day, Flag Day, International Talk Like a Pirate Day… I mean, I’ve gotta take advantage of these things when I can, right?


On to the belated Musings.

Memorial Day Fun

With the prospects of a three-day weekend on our hands, Miss & I thought that it would be nice to get the gang together for a little cookout shindig…you know, do what normal families do over holiday weekends. Which is all fine and good until you realize that trying to plan an outdoor activity lately has been like playing roulette with Mother Nature. Will it snow? Will it be 90 degrees?

At the end of the day, you’re just hoping to break-even.

We choose Sunday, which seemed OK…at first. We struck up a blaze on the patio…

memorial day cookout 22

…and even though it was overcast, the rain remained at bay long enough for the kiddos to enjoy some play time…

memorial day cookout 23

…and gave the daddy-o’s a chance to “bond” while cooking meat over an open flame…

memorial day cookout 09

The storm held off just long enough to rush through some ‘mallow roasting…

incoming storm1

memorial day cookout 10

…before the clouds burst, totally killing our buzz.

memorial day cookout 01

But after some quick improvising…

memorial day cookout 02

(Don’t worry, we didn’t burn our house down. We cooked the rest of them in a pan ;-))

this happened…

memorial day cookout 03

(Double rainbow, all the way!)

memorial day cookout 11

…and this happened…

memorial day cookout 04

…and I realized that things probably weren’t so bad after all. We rekindled our blaze…

memorial day cookout 06

…the girls made a new friend…

memorial day cookout 05

…and the rest of  those that remained enjoyed a pleasant evening under outdoors watching storms roll away in the distance.

memorial day cookout 07

memorial day cookout 08

Of course (and rather frustratingly) the weather on Monday evening was perfect. However, we did have a nice evening with the fam, plus the weather on Saturday was a complete washout…

memorial day cookout 21

…so I guess everything worked out ok in the end 🙂

Can’t wait to do it again soon!

Our Thing

Do you have a “thing” with your significant other? Missy and I have had many, but lately our thing has been hitting up Whole Foods for impromptu date nights when G-Ma & G-Pa take the girls for a sleepover. We take Lola with us, grab a hot panini or hit up the a-la-carte line, choose a craft brew, and enjoy our meal without worrying about causing too much of a ruckus with our one-year-old.

Lola at WF1

Ok, so she was probably only seven or eight months old there, but you get the picture 😉

Not that we don’t love going new places with the whole crew, but having this two-on-one time with our littlest is something I seriously enjoy.

lola and mommy at wf1 lola and mommy at wf2

Notice that we aren’t the only parents with the same idea 😉

What’s your “thing“?

Giving Thanks

And reminding myself what this past weekend is really all about: remembering all those who serve/served to protect the freedoms we take for granted today…like cookouts…even if it is raining.

grannyandpoppy2 poppyatdresden poppyandgranny2 poppyandhisride2 grannyandpoppylounging

I’ve had these amazing scans of my grandfather looking suave and extremely dapper in his military uni for some time…seems like now is as good of a time to share them as any.

Miss you, Poppy!


  • This. All of this.

silly faces

Sure, the outfits are great, but Lola’s “Silly Face” (we often ask the girls to show their silly faces for pictures) absolutely makes this picture. Pretty soon people will start to think we’re carting around quadruplets. Yikes.

  • One of these days I’ll actually get around to writing about Lola’s b-day and party…as well as the girls’ extended b-day weekend, complete with an excursion to the Omaha Zoo (which was amazing, btw).

lola with peacock

And no, we didn’t let that peacock get any closer. If it would have even laid a feather on Lola, I would have punted that majestic beast all the way to kingdom come.

  • I’m a little late to the Runkeeper party, but now that I’ve discovered it I finally realize what a fantastic App it really is. In my eternal quest to drop a few el-bee’s before Hannah’s Wedding / beach trip, I need all the help I can get. With a distance tracker, split times, and pace recorder, it really motivates me and makes me want to continually better myself. It even works for cycling, and I’ve been taking full advantage of it when I get the chance to!
  • Can you believe it’s JUNE on Saturday?! Birthday Month has absolutely flown by. Yet there’s no slowdown in sight, with a trip to KC planned before our grand adventure east for the big wedding…I’m getting terribly anxious just thinking about it all.

That’s all for me tonight. Hope that YOU had a great three day weekend!

Happy Monday Tuesday, and have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Tuesdings

  1. LOVE run keeper! I have been using it to train for my triathlon! Best app ever!
    Enjoyed the blog as usual! Loved all the pictures! See you all SOON! Xoxo

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