Thursday Thoughts.

Every weekend should be three days long.  That is all.

  • One-bite rule.  Thats the name of the game at supper time in the Hardinge house.  You have to try at least one small bite of everything on your plate, and if you don’t like it afterwards, no pressure to finish it.    I try to put at least two things on their plates that I know they will already like so they don’t end up hungry, and I hold strong to the rule, very strong.  Last night I tried serving steamed broccoli again.  This time with a tiny bit of melted cheese.  Jovie finished her entire pile and when Rowan saw how excited that made me, she then devoured hers as well (with a “im not so sure” look on her face the entire time…my sweet little pleaser).  Sienna, however, was an entirely different story.  I gave her a tiny bite which she held in her mouth for…wait for it… 45 minutes AFTER supper was over.  It was so gross at that time that I made her spit it out and try a new fresh piece which we shared with some dip.  She downed that new crunchy tree in 10 seconds and said, “mmmmm I like it crunchy.”  Great.  If only she could have voiced that she wanted crunchy broccoli before the 45 minute fit of whines.
  • Creatures in holes. Due to the rain, all creatures that normally live in holes are roaming freely trying to find shelter.  For some reason our garage and the engines of our cars seem like great locations for a refuge home.  If we have to hose-squirt out one more ground hog from under the hoods of our cars…I’m setting traps. If one of those things comes within feet of my babes, it may become dinner.  For vultures.  Not us.  Come on, I’m not that hick.
  • Filthy.  Maybe because Im not the kind of mom that usually cares if my kids are covered in dirt.  Maybe its because we live where we do and our grass isn’t fully in yet due to construction, so we have a ton of mud.  Maybe its because I have very curious children who for some reason love to dig in anything.  Probably a combination of all of that, but our girls are filthy at the end of  It takes me way less time to clean them at night than it would to nag them about not getting dirty 100 times a day.  Makes sense to me at least.  Its a win-win-win-win-win situation.
  • Kung-fu.  Does any other mother have thoughts about what they would do if someone (adult) tried to harm their child?  I was thinking the other day that it might just be me that has random thoughts about it, but I’m pretty sure I would be like Neo in The Matrix learning every type of martial art in 3 seconds flat, and using it.
  • Every morning Lola begs to have some of Tommy’s breakfast.  Guess how many times he has denied her requests.

Photo May 30, 7 13 32 AM

Mandatory Picture Roll:

Photo May 27, 9 32 12 AM

Photo May 24, 4 24 04 PM

Photo May 27, 7 29 09 PM

Photo May 28, 11 05 42 AM

Photo May 28, 5 19 46 PM

Photo May 28, 1 22 47 PM

Photo May 28, 1 24 11 PM

Photo May 28, 1 26 07 PM

Photo May 28, 4 21 55 PM

Photo May 28, 4 48 37 PM


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