That was me on Saturday.

June first, the day of the big 3rd Birthday party. The shelter was reserved at a local play-park we just discovered less than five minutes away from our house that the girls love. Ten pizzas and four dozen Scratch cupcakes were ordered. Close your eyes and you can almost picture three little girls running, playing, and giggling under the warm spring sun with their closest friends.


But for the third time this month, Mother Nature had other plans. The day started sunny and cool, but by 4:00PM the front moved in bringing clouds, rain, and 30 MPH wind gusts…intent on nothing but wreaking havoc on any good intentions we may have had.

Party Pics2

We bundled up and soldiered on; pants and jackets in June…who would have thought…and watched as  anything not weighted down blew away.

Party Pics3

Our guests stayed just long enough for presents and cupcakes, after which we cut our losses and headed home. Another party ruined.


Up until about eight o’clock tonight I was all set to get on and Monday Muse about how I’ve “officially retired” from party planning, and just how cursed I must be when it comes to picking days for social gatherings. I even was about three paragraphs in…and then it hit me.

Like a baseball bat to the face.

“Bad weather?? Do you know how many people there are suffering with heavy hearts and grieving over unimaginable losses right now less than eight hours south on Interstate 35…the very same highway that we can practically see from our house? How they would give absolutely everything they had have birthday parties for a lost loved one, even if it was rained out?”

“Do you think these girls will remember how “bad” the weather was on June 1, 2013 next year…or when they graduate high school?”

“Stop feeling sorry for yourself over something you have no control over and look at the good that’s literally all around you.”

“Do you realize just how good you have it?!”


Friends that care.

swinging Photo Jun 01, 7 26 32 PM

Sisters…daughters…that love each other.


Party Pics4

Party Pics1


An abundance of overflowing blessings.


Sorry, had to get that cupcake shot in somehow 😉

So despite the wind and rain, the party went well. We even sang birthday songs…on the ground…huddled together out of the wind.

Yes. That really happened.

Plus, you know what they say: all’s well that ends well: we invited a few stragglers back to our place for the after party (sound familiar?) and stayed up late laughing and yapping around a (windy) bonfire.

Don’t worry…we will keep having parties, and I promise the weather probably won’t cooperate 90% of the time…but who cares? I for one won’t…or, at least…try not to so much.

Photo Jun 02, 6 14 23 PM

After all, things are never really as bad as they seem.


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