Thursday Thoughts.

Excuse me if this post is even more random than usual.  Lola is cutting four teeth at once and I am about to lose my mind, or my sanity, or both.  I know that secretly most of you are waiting for this to happen and I probably won’t end up letting you down! 🙂

  • Thrift Store Shopping.  I love a good bargain.  I kind of have to given my children that go through toys and clothes, like I go through a box of double-stuffed oreos.  I get almost all of their play clothes either at garage sales, from kind friends, or on major clearance at Target.  Then not only do we save money, but I don’t have to be hyper about not ruining each outfit.    A new twist in this mission is that I have started to thrift-store shop for myself!  When I get the rare opportunity to go have some unstructured “me time,” I have been grabbaing a nice coffee, heading to a thrift store, and combing through the racks.  I did this a LOT in college becasue I lived behind a Goodwill and I got bored a lot.  Plus I needed to eat and I saved a lot of dough shopping there (seewhatididthere?).  I have found a few cute dresses (some even for friends), a few nice tops and even a pair of brand new Born shoes for $3.99 in my size!!!  Its my version of hunting and its fabulous

Photo May 31, 4 34 10 PM

  • Inventions.  I have two REALLY good invention ideas.  I have run them past a few friends and Tommy and they all have said they would pay good money for one of my products.  Maybe the friends would lie to me just to be nice, but Tommy and I are VERY good at tellling each other when the other is being ridiculous…in a loving way of course.  I want to go on one of those shows where you pitch your idea and see if someone wants to patent it and but it for mega bucks.  Now, if only I could find soemone to make me a prototype…
  • Daycare groups in public spaces.  I am being stalked.  Every time we go somewhere for the girls to play, a daycare bus full of 25 preschoolers shows up. It’s not that I have anything against these facilities, but letting that many kids loose on a public playground or indoor play area is not okay.  Usually there is only 2 or 3 adults, and usually they just stand and talk to each other while the kids run wild and crazy. Pause. NOT EVERY DAYCARE DOES THIS SO DONT WRITE ME NEGATIVE COMMENTS. There is a certain white bus group in the metro area who does though.  If the children were well-monitored and not beating on each other without repercussion, it would be fine.  But the current situation is not.
  • Midwest hospitality.  I need to redeem myself from that last thought.  I shop at the same Hy-Vee once a week. Usually mid day on Wednesdays.  The staff there is so stinkin’ nice!  I realize I look like I;m constantly riding the struggle bus as I push one car-cart and pull another, but I seriously get asked at least 10 times if someone can help me.  Then after I purchase my groceries, another 4 or 5 people ask if they can help me put them in the car.  The same sweet man checks us out every week and says we are the highlight of his day.  I’m so thankful for his patience as he lets the girls unload the groceries from the cart onto the belt at a turtle’s pace, swaps out my two small carts for a huge one to carry all the bags, and always gives me a “Your children are so behaved” boost of confidence.  One day I will hug said man.  It would still be weird.  Give it a few more months maybe.  I came late in the day on Tuesday instead of Mid-day Wednesday this week and the manager looked at me with a confused look and said “Its a little late in the day for you to be here!”.  It was hilarious to me that even the grocery staff knows my schedule.  The theme song to the show “Cheers” rang through my head.
  • Kee-Quo-kinowa.  Just one way we have heard Quinoa pronounced.  Anyway, I tried a sample of this stuff at Costco, brought it home, prepared to cook it, and read the instructions to find out that it is microwave cooking for 90 seconds IN THE BAG.   I was pumped.  Then the unimaginable happened.  Our girls asked to try it, loved it, and ate the whole bag.  Then they repeated this for two more days straight.  Win.

Photo Jun 02, 6 54 15 PM

  • Child Pagentry.  WTH.  This is legal?  To spray tan a child?  I wonder if any of the parents on Toddlers and Tiaras will ever figure out that the show is made to make them look like horrible parents, because they sure don’t seem to notice.  Scary.  I just caught a glimpse on that show of a little girl saying, “I love to wear my flipper (fake teeth?) so I don’t look like a jack-o-lantern because jack-o-lanterns are fat.”  She is six.  I hope she wins a lot of money to pay for her therapy down the road.  Geez.
  • Beach-ish.  I took the girls to the “beach” at a local park here.  They were so pumped about playing in the sand and water.  I can’t wait to take them to the actual beach where the water doesn’t smell like dead fish and the sand is not 90% rock.  Only a little over three more weeks!! My good friend snapped these cute shots of the girls at play.Photo Jun 06, 11 03 32 AMPhoto Jun 06, 11 09 12 AM

Cue picture vomit:

Photo Jun 04, 11 43 07 AM

Photo Jun 05, 10 49 06 AM

Photo Jun 03, 7 19 06 PM

Photo Jun 03, 11 50 45 AM

Photo May 31, 8 35 24 AM

Photo May 31, 11 09 11 AM

Photo May 31, 11 28 05 AM


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