Monday Musings

You guys, check this out…

Screen shot 2013-06-10 at 10.00.05 PM

Yep…almost 90 degrees on Tuesday (you can usually add a few degrees to those extended outlooks). I’ve never been so excited about summer-like weather. I might even have to celebrate by heading down to our favorite local t-shirt shop and purchasing this sweet tank:

Suns Out Tank

…to assist in my quest to soak up as many rays of sun as possible before our epic journey east, which is in (wait for it)…less than three weeks. Yikes!

Countdown to KC

Before the fam ventures east for the big wedding and beach vacay, Missy and I are making a quick jaunt south to spend two days in the Kansas City metro area for our seven-year-anniversary. Not a moment too soon, either…I am in desperate need of some extended one-on-one time with my lovely lady.

Random Musings 1

That said, we’re both extremely anxious to leave town, as this will be the first time ever that Missy has been away from Lola overnight, and the first time we’ve both been away from our babes together for longer than 18 hours since, well…it would have to be our weekend getaway to the twin cities long before the house was even finished. (Our last trip to Ikea was a one day there-and-back-again trek in January 2012…remember this?)

KC Skyline

(Image Via PhotoCamel // Source)

Anyway, we leave first thing Sunday morning for KC and have already started scheming on how we’re going to spend our time away. Here’s the short list of the typical “eat, drink, and be merry” itinerary (so far)…

  • Eat lots of ‘cue (Duh.)
  • Shop ‘til you Drop (I’ve already scouted out where the closest H&M is located {Missy’s fave}. To all of you east-coasters reading this…no, there isn’t an H&M anywhere close to DeMo.)
  • Tour Boulevard Brewing Co. (hopefully!)
  • Mumford & Sons outdoor concert on Monday night (Can’t flippin’ wait.)
  • Swim (Our hotel has an outdoor pool, which looks mighty nice!)
  • Sleep through the whole night and wake up late! (Double duh.)

Even though we don’t want to overdo it, we still want to make the most of our time away…so I have to ask: Are there any other “must-dos” in Kansas City that we can’t miss? Where is the best BBQ? Is it worth spending an evening in the Power and Light District, or are there better options?

If you have any last minute advice out there, get in touch ASAP!

Des Moines’ Best Kept Secret

Des Moines parents, listen up! Missy and I have found the best kept secret in the state for entertaining young children on Saturday mornings: The Science Center.

Now before you scoff, hear me out. Conventional wisdom would tell you that it would be wise to avoid popular public spaces on the weekends, but I’m here to tell you that you can throw conventional wisdom out the window all thanks to another Des Moines summertime staple: The Downtown Farmer’s Market!

See, the best part of the whole deal is that while the DTFM is packed (the entire city seems to be there by 10:00 AM these days)…

Court Ave DTFM

…but just two blocks away, SCIowa sits practically empty. Seriously, the six of us have had the run of the place these past two weeks since making our discovery. This past Saturday we didn’t even attempt the crowds; I simply ran down 4th Street to grab my burrito, an iced coffee, and a pecan roll for Missy before meeting back up with the rest of the fam 30 minutes later inside.

We even had an impromptu cousin’s reunion to boot…so fun.

Building Paper Rockets Paper Rockets

And the fountains outside definitely made a “splash” with the girls… (rimshot!)

Splashing 1 Lola and Jordan Splashing 2

Of course, being members has certainly helped…we’ve paid already paid the cost of membership three times over. But if any of you want to join us one weekend, we get two guests in free with our passes…just sayin’ 🙂

Actual Conversation of the Week

Random Musings 4

Me {excitedly}: “So, did you like watching daddy play guitar on stage this morning?”

Rowan & Jovie: “Yeah!”

Me: “How did daddy look when he was playing??” [I was hoping that they would mimic my guitar playing gestures. Oh, and you talk in third-person a lot as a parent.]

Rowan: “PRETTY!”

Me {confused}: “Pretty??”

Jovie: “Yeah, pretty! Like a dancing flower, Daddy!”…as she proceeds to wiggle her bottom.


  • Sunday was the first time in what seems like forever that I played guitar at Hope on a Sunday morning (hence the above convo). It had been so long that…get this…I showed up for practice last week in a rehearsal room that hasn’t been used for Sunday morning bands in over two years. Despite having to knock off some rust, it felt good to dust off the ol’ guitar and get back into playing. Hopefully we can get Miss into the rotation again soon too!
  • Miss & I love the look and feel of TOMS shoes, but we’ve sworn off from ever buying another pair due to the fact that they seem to fall apart rather quickly on our feet. Even though I still wear them around the house, my size 13 burlap classics were destroyed after just five months of wear..

Ratty TOMS

And they had gotten a LOT worse since those pictures were taken. However, I finally got adventurous last night and decided to try my hand at an at-home fix, hoping that I could at least make them a little bit more respectable looking. Nothing to lose at this point!

Random Musings 2

They turned out…ok… Not perfect, but not terrible either…and a whole lot better than the condition they were in before!

Random Musings 3

  • “B” is for Beach Batch! And bottling night! Now all we have to do is wait 2-3 more weeks until consumption. And we all know where we will be in 3 weeks, right sis? 😉 Hopefully this batch of Honey Ale will turn out as good as the last one. Man, this sight never gets old:

Beach Batch 1 Beach Batch 2

Alright kids, that does it for me…I’m outta here!

One of these day’s I’ll have a new non-Monday post for you, I promise. Until then, Happy Monday, and have a great week!


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