Monday Musings | I Will Wait…

I will wait…a little longer…

Mumford and Sons Show

I will wait, I will wait…for a rescheduled date to be announced soooooon…


We had it set up so perfectly: Fathers Day on Sunday, followed by our anniversary on Monday…spent far, far away in the magical land called “Missouri”…alone together for the first time in months.

But If you follow us on social media, then you’re probably aware that we’re so not in Kansas City right now. We’re not singing along to the angelic harmonies of Marcus Mumford and company. We’re not gorging on mouth-watering barbecue and definitely not filling up on delicious Boulevard Wheat straight from the taproom.

Nope…we’re still at home, doing what we always do.

Instead of shopping for stylish threads at H&M, we’re shopping for bulk snacks at Costco. Instead of catching rays poolside, we’re catching flailing toddlers sliding down water slides.

Ok, so that was pretty cute 😉

All kidding aside, I’m here to report our perfect plan fell apart at the last. Last week, the bass player for Mumford & Sons (the band we had tix for tonight’s show) was diagnosed with a blood clot on his brain and was subsequently hospitalized, forcing the band to cancel their remaining tour dates, including performances at both Bonnaroo and Telluride.

The good news is that their remaining non-festivale shows…including their appearance in KC…have been postponed to a date yet to be determined. The better news is that our tickets for the new date are still valid. The best news is that Ted Dwane has been treated and released from hospital care. Now our fingers our crossed that we don’t have any conflicts with the new show time!

Now, just because we didn’t get to take our trip doesn’t mean we missed out on all the fun! Thanks to some last-minute shuffling and rearranging, Missy and I were able to enjoy an epic Fathers Day bike ride down to a local brewery that’s been on my list of places to try for-ever!

First I packed up the car and headed down to Gray’s Lake…

fathers day ride 1

Then took a few unexpected detours on my way back up to get Missy…

fathers day ride 2

fathers day ride 3

…but persevered onward before finally meeting up my lady for a breezy ride back down to Confluence.

fathers day ride 4

fathers day ride 5

fathers day ride 6

fathers day ride 7

All of their brews were delicious…I can’t believe we haven’t visited sooner!

fathers day ride 8

tom and beers

We had full intentions of moving on to Exile, but the combination of great convo, new friends, and cold beer got the best of us…our spot on the patio was just too good to pass up.

Eventually we moseyed along…

fathers day ride 10

fathers day ride 11

fathers day ride 12

…before making our way back home for a Fathers Day dinner with the fam.

Like I said…an epic Fathers Day ride, indeed!

And about that anniversary…

best wedding pic

Seven years ago we were saying our “I-Do’s”, eating Hickory Park barbecue, and celebrating with some of the best friends and family anyone could ever ask for. As for tonight, well…McDonald’s french fries and ice cream in bed will have to suffice for now 😉 But to be fair, we do have a special date night planned for later this week to one of our favorite out-of-town locales. I’m salivating now just thinking about it!

And Sigh No More (Ok, I’ll stop with the M&S song puns) come heck or high water, we’re making it down to KC for that concert whenever they do reschedule…I don’t care if we have to drive three hours each way in a day!


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