Thursday Thoughts.

  • We leave for vacation soon. The control freak in me wants the van packed and ready to go today and the carry-ons packed with 20 new snacks and 101 things to keep little hands busy. We are totally pumped for Tommy’s sister’s wedding and a week-long trip to the beach with all of our relatives. We just pray that everyone stays healthy and will sleep well the night before the wedding to that skipping naps the day of won’t be too detrimental.  Please join us in that prayer. We will need it.  The following pictures were taken the last time I was at the beach six years ago.

205460_4300738973_2062_n215753_4300818973_7561_nPhoto Jun 17, 6 57 47 AMPhoto Jun 17, 6 57 36 AMPhoto Jun 17, 6 56 55 AMPhoto Jun 17, 6 56 35 AMPhoto Jun 17, 6 55 39 AMPhoto Jun 17, 6 56 30 AM

  • Every once and awhile I sit back and look at Lola and get sad that she is growing up way too fast.  For a split second… a VERY split second, I think that I want just one more child.  Especially when she does cute things like this:

Photo Jun 18, 7 16 10 PMPhoto Jun 18, 7 13 45 PMPhoto Jun 18, 7 13 30 PM

Then one of her older sisters screams about someone touching her bed and not sharing the ONE FREAKING TOY that all of them suddenly want to play with in a house of 12,398,374 toys. Split-second want…gone.

  • Screw you Mary Poppins.  I have snapped my fingers at many messes around my house just to see what will happen.  Nothing.  Nothing happens.  Ms. Poppins…you are a teller of lies.
  • Do any other parents stay up way too late at night because it is the only time you can get anything productive done?  I used to need to be asleep by 10:30 at the very latest.  Now, my normal bedtime is between 11:30 and midnight.  With a baby who gets up at 5:30.  Someday I will get to sleep in…right?
  • My Papa has back surgery on Monday morning. Please say a prayer of safety and quick healing for him. He was in the hospital for a few days last week and the girls and I visited him to try and cut some of his bordem.  I’m sure we caused more trouble than joy, but they made him this sweet sign with personal (and hilarious) messages on the back.

Photo Jun 12, 6 54 12 PM

  • Fuel Saver Program.  Buy specific foods, get money off gas.  I’m in.  I hit the mother load the other week and this is a look at my expenses.  Boomsauce.

Photo Jun 11, 6 17 30 PMPhoto Jun 11, 6 17 44 PM

  • Some pictures of a little more Science Center fun!

Photo Jun 15, 10 12 50 AM Photo Jun 15, 10 27 10 AM Photo Jun 15, 10 29 37 AM

  • Finally, don’t expect to hear from me for a few weeks.  I will either be prepping to leave on vacation with four small children, on said vacation, or recovering from said vacation.  🙂  I hope you come back eventually to see if we survived!

One thought on “Thursday Thoughts.

  1. I’ll be praying for ya!!! And I’m also hoping the kids take to me quickly so I can help be a distraction for them. In just 8 short days I finally get to meet all of you!!! I honestly haven’t been this excited since I was a kid and woke up Christmas morning. All the fun ahead of us will be worth the stress!!! Stay calm and know that soon you’ll have one thousand people (give or take a few) wanting to help you out with the kiddos!

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