Warning: this is not the blog post you are looking for. Rather, just a quick hello…a brief note letting you know that we’re back home in the heartland safe and mostly sound. While there is so much to tell, we’ve had a hellacious 48 hours of travel, culminating with a five hour flight delay resulting in seven weary travelers stuck in Reagan National for ten hours before arriving at Des Moines International around 2:30 this morning.

Yet despite our (my) ongoing saga of horrible return-travel misfortunes (think ItalyChicagoJackson Hole), and despite the fact that our children are now seasoned travel vets long before they even turn four years old, I’m going to be frank: the trip was freaking Awesome.

With a capital A.

Think about it. In just ten short days, my only sister got married…


hannah and chris

…with five of the cutest flower girls you’ve ever seen…

flower girls

Then we partied like rockstars…

dj hannah

jov dancer

…before heading to Sandbridge beach with practically all of our extended families for seven straight days of countless hours of fun in the sand and sun.

sienna water


jove and bob

Oh, and we also ate our weight in crabs one day…

crab feast

…dodged raindrops on a few others…

rain clouds

…and basically, well…had the most amazing time with some of our most favorite people in the world.


And that’s not even the whole crew!

I could spend the next 100 days writing 100 blog posts and still not cover half of what I want to share with you you from our journey east…but hopefully I’ve at least given you a little taste of how great of a trip it really was, despite how bad our aforementioned travel woes seemed at the time.

As for now, I’ve got a mountain of laundry calling my name (as if that’s actually anything new in a house of six) and my own bed calling shortly thereafter. I hope to sprinkle in even more fun pictures and stories over the next few weeks…and hopefully Miss & I can return to our regular blog routine once we catch up on all the sleep we’ve missed.

(Photo creds: Since you’ve looked at most of our pics already via social media, I wanted to include a few that you probably haven’t seen yet. Wedding Pics by Erica & Jason Hinkle of Double Shutter Photography; beach and crab-feed pics by Hannah; Instagram Pics are my own.)


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