Beach Picture Purge, Part 1 | Storm Chasing

I still refuse to believe it’s over.

The months of planning, the sleepless nights of anticipation…there are even two un-torn pieces of paper chain still clinging defiantly to the top of our craft room window casing.

paper chain

Last night Missy and I finally returned our borrowed roof top carrier, and as we looked at our newly unadorned van parked in our driveway when we returned…it all suddenly seemed to sink in:  Wedding-Cation 2013 was officially in the books.

So now that we’ve (mostly) settled back into our daily routine, I figured there was no better time than now to sit back and relive the fun we had! Aaaaand because we’re all seriously missing all the awesomeness that was Sandbridge Beach.

•  •  •

We pulled out of Solomons around 8:45PM {after killing it on the dance floor for five solid hours} with the hopes that four tired babies would pass out and sleep the entire four hour journey to our beach house. I’m happy to report that for the first time in our life of traveling with four toddlers, everything went exactly as planned! The girls we sound asleep when we arrived on the coast just before 1:00AM. We roused them just long enough to shuffle them off to their beds before passing out ourselves.

I can’t even imagine the awe that they must have felt when they woke up to see our amazing beach house in the light of day:

Beach House1 Beach House2

It didn’t take long to make our way to the sand and surf once we unpacked in earnest and make the requisite epic grocery run. We made our way over to the beach house (while the Florer/Hardinge/Flo-Bix house was on the sound, the house my mom, siblings, and cousins were staying in for the week was less than a mile up the road and literally right next to public beach access)…

Beach House Map

…unloaded our gear, and had our first Sandbridge Beach experience as we waited for the rest of the gang to make their way south (after staying the night in Prince Fredrick after the wedding). Finally, after months of waiting, the girls were going to see the ocean for the very first time 🙂

First Beach Trip 1 First Beach Trip 3 First Beach Trip 4 First Beach Trip 2 First Beach Trip 6 First Beach Trip 5

…while the adults turned into children at the first sight of waves crashing onto the shore.

boys in the ocean1 boys in the ocean2 boys in the ocean3

•  •  •

With exception of three hours in a grocery store, the next few days went much like the first:

  • Wake up and eat breakfast.
  • Check the forecast.
  • Decide on beach times.
  • Check the forecast.
  • Get swimsuits on.
  • Check the forecast.
  • Spend the next 45 minutes applying sunscreen to four wriggly children.
  • Check the forecast.
  • Head to the beach.

I know that complaining about a beach trip is faux pas, but for the first half of our week in SB, the “perfect” beach day seemed more elusive than ever. Stuck in a constant pattern of spotty showers and pop-up storms, our view out to sea looked like this…

weather 1

…while the view inland looked more like this:

rain clouds

We tried to enjoy ourselves as much as possible while constantly looking over our shoulder to survey the ominous skies. It was ever a guessing game…and most of the time, that’s what it felt like the meteorologists were doing, too. Even so, we managed to pick our spots and make the most of it. A cloudy day at the beach sure beats a sunny day most anywhere else!

beach fun 12 beach fun 01 beach fun 02 beach fun 11 beach fun 06 beach fun 07 beach fun 04 beach fun 05 beach fun 03 beach fun 08

If we had to abandon ship, we handed the girls off to the cousins, tore down camp in 90 seconds flat, and all made the 2-minute jog back to the beach house. If we didn’t feel like setting back up at the beach after the storm passed, the pool back at our pad wasn’t a bad consolation prize 😉

pool and games04 pool and games05 pool and games03

…nor was the canal…

pool and games02

…until we saw that snake 😉

pool and games18

Of course, we didn’t have all of our fun from 9:00 to 5:00. Since we didn’t get enough of each other’s company during the day, most nights were spent together as well, after a quick bike ride up the street. It couldn’t get more perfect!

pool and games01

(I just needed an excuse to post that picture again… *love her*)

We broke out the home brew (a.k.a. The Beach Batch, a.k.a. Brewly-Wed Honey Ale) on our first night together…

pool and games06

…and closed-down the local (and literally only) bar and grill in Sandbridge on the next.

pool and games11 pool and games13 pool and games12 pool and games14 pool and games15

(Ok, so Miss & I didn’t stay to shut it down, but I heard the rest of the crew was there doing Karaoke until 2:30 in the morning 😉 )

We also spent an evening canoeing out to Back Bay to watch the sun set…

pool and games08 pool and games09 pool and games10

And of course, played maaaany a party game almost every other night we had together.

pool and games16

And that was just the beginning.

Parts two and three coming soon!


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