Beach Picture Purge, Part 2 | Picture Perfect

When it comes to the perfect beach day, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of our trip probably ranked somewhere in the “five” to “seven” range. Thursday and Friday, however, were solid “tens” across the board.

Perfect Beach Day 3

Perfect Beach Day 1

Perfect Beach Day 2

Granted, a “six” at the beach is like a 22 anywhere else…but still. Thursday and Friday were off the charts. The sun was shining bright, and the heavy grey clouds from earlier in the week had been replaced by picturesque puffy white balls of cotton.

Intent on squeezing every ounce out of our limited amount of time remaining on the coast, we typically hit the beach before 9:00AM…lunches packed and all lotion’d up, ready to stay and play…

Perfect Beach Day 21

Perfect Beach Day 15

Perfect Beach Day 16

beaches 11

Perfect Beach Day 13

Perfect Beach Day 14

beaches 13

beaches 12

Perfect Beach Day 11

…right up ’til nap time.

Perfect Beach Day 22

Thursday was also July Fourth! Can you say “epic beach house pool party”?

epic fourth party 15

epic fourth party 13

epic fourth party 03

( ↑ Pano ↑ Click the pic for the full experience!)

Our night included a colossal cookout…

epic fourth party 01

epic fourth party 02

…finishing off the second case of homebrew…

epic fourth party 04

…and even a few canoe trips with the kiddos!

epic fourth party 11 epic fourth party 12

Missy later broke out her festive Jello Jigglers…

epic fourth party 05

epic fourth party 06

epic fourth party 08

epic fourth party 09

epic fourth party 07

…and of course, the sparklers once the sun went down!

epic fourth party 16

Perfect Beach Day 24

The evening was capped off by watching the Sandbridge fireworks show from our roof-top deck. Aaahh-maze-ing.

epic fourth party 17

epic fourth party 14

The pictures don’t even come close to doing them justice. It was an Independence Day for the books…an instant classic.

With that…I’ll be back with the rest soon!

And yes. I’m dragging these recap posts on for all their worth…mostly because again, I still refuse to admit that our summer vacation is actually over. Part three coming shortly (as in Tuesday or Wednesday night) and then…finally…it’s back to your regularly scheduled Musings next week.


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