Beach Picture Purge, Part 3 | The Last Hurrah

I don’t really need to say too much more about this last post. All that you need to know is that it’s tradition that one of the last (if not the last) nights at the beach is sacred; reserved specifically for family pictures…usually all while wearing the same outfit, because we’re just that cool.

Like, here is the gang from 2007:

beach 07

…and another one from waaay back in 2004!

Hardinge kids + Matt & Missy

D’aaaw… so young. So innocent.

This year was no exception. After doing this so long, we’ve practically got this group picture thing down to a science. A process that once took at least two hours now takes us just 20 minutes! Or at least…it would if we could keep our kiddos wrangled and still long enough πŸ˜‰ We even sneaked in a few Hardinge family pics before the group all made it over to the beach.

last night at beach 02

last night at beach 01

Formal Beach 1

Formal Beach 9

Formal Beach 8

Formal Beach 6

Formal Beach 2

A quick outfit change and we were ready for primetime family pictures. Let me see your jazz hands, everyone!

Formal Beach 4

Formal Beach 7

Formal Beach 3

And then, yeah…whatever this is.

Formal Beach 5

Bros before…mamas? Ha! I love these guys πŸ™‚

We stayed up at the beach way past bedtime, soaking in every last of sand, sea air, and family.

last night at beach 03

last night at beach 05

sad lola with grammie

(Sorry, ma!)

last night at beach 04

All blissfully unaware of the weekend from travel hades that awaited us.

last night at beach 06

last night at beach 10

Yeah, never mind. I’m just not getting into that part. The trip was way too good to end talking about such a terrible ordeal.

last night at beach 08

last night at beach 09

last night at beach 07

Sandbridge, you’ve won me over. Your your wide open & low-key beaches, your quiet back waters, your towny bar…I’ve been an OBX lifer, but I think it may be time for a change. The fam had an absolutely amazing time; this was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And while the tan lines will fade, hopefully the memories we made will last a lifetime.

last night at beach 11

After all, isn’t that what a beach trip is all about?


4 thoughts on “Beach Picture Purge, Part 3 | The Last Hurrah

  1. The picture of missy with the four girls on the dune freaked me out. It looked like CINDY. Missy you are so your mom in pictures. Love the pics. Aunt Sarah

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