Thursday Thoughts.

Hi. Still here. I started this post three weeks ago.  I feel like I havent sat still for a month straight.  Preapring for a family vacation, taking said vacation, and then recovereing from said vacation can sure take a toll.  In fact I have tried to refer to it as a family trip rather than a vacation.  The trip was amazing and we hope to repeat it many times in the future. I’d like to save the word ‘vacation’ for some day when I am on a beach with crystal blue water, a cold drink in my hand, getting to pee whenever I want to…by myself, and eating food I didn’t cook.  A girl can dream right?  Maybe after we put four girls through college in the same six years.  Ug.

Plus, in the summer, things such as berry picking and naked sprinkler (for the babes…come on.) will always trump time to write a blog post.


  • Mothers of toddlers should run the desk at every airport terminal.  We are good at dealing with tantrums, we can multitask better than any other human around, and when we see another mother with four little children being stranded at the airport for over 8 hours with a flight delayed until 1:00 am, we would offer said mother something.  Anything. Instead I got a middle-aged man who didn’t even look up at me when I politely asked a few questions. A tiny airplane pillow or two?  Nope.  A blanket?  Nope.  Do you know a quieter place I could take them to try and get them to sleep?  “No mam.  I can’t help you in any way.”-exact words.  That is the last time I fly US Airways.


  • -Mispronuciations.  Do any of you have children that say a word or two wrong, but it is so freaking sweet that you just can’t correct them?  Here is some of the highlights from our list:
  1. *Prabo (while clapping….Bravo!)
  2. *Besh-al (special)
  3. *Er-ginia (Virginia…said a lot lately)
  4. *Schwimin (swimming)
  5. *Stisters (sisters)
  • Feet.  I wash my feet every night before I get in bed.  It was JUST yesterday when I realized that this may be weird to other people.  I have been married to Tommy for 7 years, together for 11, and not once has he looked at me cross-eyed for this.
  • A lot of people have been having dreams/telling us that they think we will have another baby.  No.  Just no.
  • At least 8 people will stop me any time I have all the girls at Hy-Vee with me to ask questions.  No one ever stops me at Target.  These stores are right next to each other.  People are on a mission in Target.  Maybe it is the carts?
  • I made over $200 at the garage sale my friend Cassie let me sell stuff in.  Therefore, we splurged on this:


Our old grill still works, but it is old, falling apart, and has to be lit with a lighter now.  I love to grill and we have a lot of mouths to feed so we wanted lots of space and ease of cooking.  It cooks with infrared heat and keeps everything juicy.  I want to grill all the food in our house.

  • Last night we were at the state fair parade downtown.  We packed a picnic and during it, Rowan wouldn’t eat hardly any of her supper.  She said her tummy hurt.  I pushed eating because I thought she might just be hungry/I thought she just wanted to go play.  THen she vomited.  Five times.  I felt horrible that I made her eat.  It is such a tough thing because they use the tummy hurting excuse all the time to try to get out of eating something they don’t want to like their veggies or fruit before dessert.  She can basically get anything out of me that she wants for the next week.  I feel so bad.  She felt so much better afterwards and posed for this cute picture with her sisters. (don’t worry that is not a puke bucket)


  • My brother, sister-in-law, and their two kids are in town right now.  It is so awesome to see our kids play together.  While it is sad that we know our kids won’t grow up having a slew of cousins living right down the street, as we both did, Tommy and I are so thankful that we get these opportunities to be together for extended periods of time.image-6
  • Pictures!!!!!

image-3 image-7 image-5 image-4IMG_6079 IMG_6077 IMG_6024 IMG_5987 IMG_5954 IMG_6037 IMG_5928 IMG_5914 IMG_5895 IMG_5862 IMG_5860 IMG_5786 IMG_5741 IMG_5727 IMG_5704 IMG_5640 IMG_5650 IMG_5702 IMG_5703 IMG_5617


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