Monday Musings Returns

Back in the saddle!

Well, to be completely honest with you: I was all geared up last week for a night of blogging and editing…however, I somehow ended up in a semi-conscious state under my covers watching SportsCenter reruns and surfing before realizing that it was almost 11:00 PM and I hadn’t written a thing.

So…my apologies. We’ve all been there before, though…am I right?

On with the musings!

Sweetcorn Season…

…is upon us!

Musings Returns 01

I mention this for no other reason than as an excuse to show that picture again. It has quickly become one of my favorites of the summer!

But yes, the sweetcorn crop is ready…with bushels literally overflowing the corncrib behind the Florer home. We even had a good ol’ fashion sweetcorn feed last week as we begin to bring in this year’s haul.

sweetcorn feed

Musings Returns 02

Musings Returns 03

And in complete seriousness…if you want any sweetcorn, let us know now!

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair!

I should formally start segment here on MM documenting our yearly trip to the Iowa State Fair…but things would get fairly redundant rather quickly; we stick to what we like (not kidding: here are the ’09, ’10, ’11, and ’12 fair recap posts just for reference). This year was no different as we made our annual family pilgrimage last Friday.

Missy and the crew left bright and early, while I went into the office for a half day before joining everyone later in the afternoon.

From Little Hands on the Farm…

little hands

…to petting zoos and camel rides…

camel riders

…we made sure to hit up all the favorites. We also mixed in a few new activities now that the girls are a year older…including a sky glider ride across the fairgrounds to cap off a fun afternoon.

Musings Returns 07

Musings Returns 08

Oh, and let’s not forget the inordinate amount of food-on-a-stick consumption by all!

Musings Returns 05

Musings Returns 04

Musings Returns 09

Musings Returns 06

Miss and I even got a few hours alone after sending the girls home with Grandma. A visit to visit friends in the campgrounds, followed by a sunset stroll down Grand Avenue…

Musings Returns 10

and of course, a late show with the Nadas…

Musings Returns 21

…was the perfect way to end a busy day!

Extreme Makeover: Backyard Edition

The backyard beautification process continued last weekend with a major overhaul of the east lot, including some intense weed whacking where the old shed stood…

Musings Returns 22

…and grading out the east side of the house:

Musings Returns 12

I even managed to (finally!) finish the window well project!

Musings Returns 14

Now for some grass…


  • Oh yeah! If you didn’t notice from the fair pictures above, the Flo-Bix Clan is in town for two weeks…WOOT! The girls are in heaven having their cousins so close 😀
  • For as wet a spring we had here in central Iowa, it’s almost as if someone turned off the faucet lately; since July 1st we hardly had one inch of totaly rainfall. A soaking spring, including snow in May, and now a “flash-drought” (not making that up)…this weather is just whack.
  • Good news: Ted Dwane, the bass player for the band Mumford & Sons, was released from the hospital in late June after receiving treatment for a blood clot and is back on tour with the band! Which means our KC trip is back on after the Bonner Springs show was rescheduled for September. Not only will we not have the family vacation looming over us, but the concert is on a Friday night rather than a Monday night. A weekend away in KC is exactly what we need!
  • Any VSCOcam power-users out there? I’ll be the first to admit: Instagram is my go-to app, but I’ve had VSCOcam in my arsenal for almost 18 months now and haven’t utilized it much beyond the occasional edit. Yet with the new updates they’ve recently made and the amazingly high quality pictures it produces, I totally want to become more comfortable using it (most of the pics in this post were edited with it)…any tips or tricks to really get started?
  • We really miss the beach. Take me back to Sandbridge!

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