Hello, friends! I didn’t want to abandon you again one week after making a triumphant return! Or something like that…

However, there isn’t too much to fill you in on this week as we prepare for our long-belated Father’s Day/Seven-Year-Anniversary turned birthday celebration trip on Friday. We’ve been busy planning, jamming out to Mumford & Sons, and burning barbecue scented incense just to get us in the mood for our trip to KC-MO. OK, so maybe not the incense part…but you get the idea 😉

Even so, here’s a quick rundown of what you missed last week:

Lola is currently obsessed with water. Not the so much the swimming pool, and she still doesn’t care much for a bath…just water. More specifically: filling one container with water and pouring it into another, all the while soaking whatever piece of clothing she has on. This is usually an outdoor water table activity, but with the recent cold snap we’re forced to find other means:

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

It’s so messy, but so sweet to watch her learn play…we just can’t say no!

Last update on this for a while, but the Backyard Beautification project continues…

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

Steve rented a (for lack of a better term) stump grinder to clear a few major obstacles standing in our way of final tilling and grading of our property.

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

While it was awesome to watch, I don’t feel like I’m adding any real value to the process at this point, as most of the heavy lifting is now done via skid loader.

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

I just stand on the sidelines snapping cool pictures for you guys 😉 Needless to say, he made quick work of the process.

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

We spent Saturday evening Tablegating through the Iowa/Iowa State Game; Missy made a killer spread while G-ma, G-Pa, and Shan brought over even more goodies to share throughout the action.


While clearly the better team won the game, I have a feeling that Missy’s alma mater UNI (the other state school) could beat either team this year. Sidenote: I just discovered the perfect Table and/or Tailgating beer out there: Founders All Day IPA.

all day ipa pic

Not very filling and low ABV, it’s the perfect session brew. Trust me, you will want to run out and get’chu some in time for the next game! (That is, if you can find it! HyVee on Mills is sold out and backordered…so you know it must be good stuff!)

After weeks of scouring Craigslist for couches, we took the girls with us to Homemakers Furniture Mart on Sunday afternoon for free cookies to browse their huge selection. We are in “want” of a new sectional for the living room after the girls have had their way with our current, white, microfiber set for the past three and a half years. At this point, all the slip covers are held together with safety pins, which keep un-pinning themselves and poking us in the rear ends…and the cushion coverings that are not removable are so far beyond dirty that it’s embarrassing. So in desperate need of an outing, we went to check out our options.

couch 3 couch 2

Although Missy and I aren’t quite sold on the color, we know which one the girls thought was the best option!

couch 1

But it seats a ton and the price is right, so we could be convinced otherwise…


  • Ok kids, I seriously need your input here: Oklahoma Joe’s (ranked by Anthony Bourdain as one of the top 13 places in the world to eat before you die) is at the absolute top of our list of barbecue establishments to dine in while we’re visiting KC this weekend, but after that things are pretty much up in the air. We’ve both had Jack Stack’s at the Freight House before and are considering it again…but should we be expanding our horizons and trying something new? Discuss!
  • Missy spent the past week putting together a little photo-memory book of all things Wedding-Cation 2013. It was fun to reminisce over all the amazing things that happened on the east coast this summer, but sad knowing that it was over after realizing just how long we had prepared for that trip. Hopefully having this book around should help keep the all good memories flowing.
  • This weekend I also bought all the ingredients for my next batch of home brew. I’ve decided to go with the Honey Porter, especially after just getting my hands on another five pounds of Iowa wildflower honey that I need to use up!

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

If everything turns out well, it should be a perfect fall brew. Fingers crossed!

  • Central Iowa woke up to a legitimate, soaking rain falling for the first time in over two months this morning. While I was glad to see puddles in my driveway again, you would think that a foot of snow had fallen overnight judging by the morning commute. My windshield certainly took the worst abuse…darn construction trucks.

cracked windshield

  • On a happier note: although you’ve probably already seen it, but I just adore this picture of my five blondies:

Processed with VSCOcam with p8 preset

Well, that’s all from me tonight. Happy Tuesday, and have a great week!

**P.S. Our social media feeds will likely be overflowing with pictures of concerts, breweries, barbecue, and two people that don’t know what to do with all their uninterrupted kid-free time…you have been warned! #sorrynotsorry**

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About Tom Hardinge

Loving husband to my wife Missy, loving father to my four daughters Sienna, Rowan, Jovie, and Lola. I'm a chronic over-packer who loves good coffee, good music, running, waffle tee's, fleece pants, and Jesus Christ!

4 thoughts on “Tuesdings

  1. Have fun this weekend! We’re heading up to Minneapolis (IKEA!!!), so we’re equally excited for a date weekend away.

    We were at Homemakers on Friday night! Sad we missed you guys. They were giving away free Jethro’s (yum) and we’re also looking for a sectional. Not sure we found what we want, though…I think we might go with an IKEA couch!

    Hope to see you guys soon!

    • Hooray for date weekends! Looks like we’re heading the opposite direction, so no chance of running into you guys in the mega mall food court again 😉 Have fun…we only wish KC had an Ikea too!!

      We thought about going on Friday night, but figured that the crowd would be too overwhelming for us and the kiddos. Even though the free food was tempting, we’re glad we waited…there was hardly anyone there on Sunday!

  2. Where did you get the step stool? looks nice and tall and our little people are having a hard time getting toothpaste in the sink because ours aren’t tall enough. Thanks!

    • The stool is from Ikea! It’s tall & light enough for the girls to carry from room to room where they need it…they are used on a daily basis. Plus they are super inexpensive…we have at least a half-dozen of them floating around the house.

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