48 Hours in Kansas City

If you’ve been following us via social media and barraged by our couples selfies over the past few days, you might think that we’ve been making a pretty big deal about something that shouldn’t seem like all that big of a deal, and honestly…you wouldn’t be mistaken.

The whole idea for the trip was hatched by Missy as a fun way to celebrate our Anniversary Day/Fathers Day way back in June…it just so happened that there was a Mumford & Sons concert in KC the very weekend she was looking to plan the trip. We hatched our plan, signed up early and scored tickets via pre-sale lottery, and we were set.

Then you know what happened next.

So what was originally intended to be a quick getaway before our family trip east turned into this Shangri-La oasis in the desert chaos of work and parenthood that we have been looking forward to ever since. A small reprieve from the daily madness where Missy and I could be ourselves with ourselves without the kiddos under-foot constantly clamoring for our attention.

Don’t get me wrong; the girls are the absolute light of our lives, but every now and again it’s nice…it’s necessary…to get away alone, recharge the batteries, and function like two adults that don’t have, you know…four daughters three years old and under waiting at home, along with all the other daily responsibilities of adulthood and everything that comes with it. Shop without a time limit, go on dates, stay up late, sleep in late. Something that hasn’t happened since, well…the last time we did this six months before Lola was born.

•  •  •

The Mumford & Sons show was eventually rescheduled for Friday, September 20th, so as soon as we secured overnight help for the girls, our plan was set in motion: we would spend the weekend in Kansas City…see the show, shop to our heart’s content, and of course: eat and drink our way through the finest establishments KC had to offer.

We kicked things off around 10:30 Friday morning

Tom and Miss GO

…cruising our way down I-35, blasting Mumford the whole way. However, our first stop…even before hitting the hotel…Oklahoma Joe’s. The original. The one in a gas station. Like I said, one of KC’s best BBQ dives.

Check that, not one of KC’s best BBQ dives; one of KC’s best barbecue joints, period.

bbq joes sando

After waiting in line for a half-hour, we stuff our faces. Needless to say, Missy approved 😉

Processed with VSCOcam with g2 preset

After the hotel check in and chill session, we made our way up the highway to Bonner Springs, Kansas for the show. We arrived early and got great seats on the lawn…

Processed with VSCOcam with k1 preset

…and spent the evening playing cards, enjoying the beautiful weather, and grooving to the opening acts.

Waiting for Mumford

Convert Selfie

Then came Mumford & Sons. I Will Wait….no longer (Hey-oh!).

Words can’t do justice to just how amazing of a show it was, but take my word for it: of all the live bands I’ve seen and performances I’ve attended over the years, this was second to none.

Little Lion Man

Unfortunately, most of my phone pictures can’t do it much justice either 😦

mumford crowd

The most surreal part of the night was when we realized that not only was this the very last show of their current tour, but after touring non-stop for six years supporting their albums Sigh No More and Babel, Marcus Mumford announced from stage that the band was calling it quits (for now), officially taking a break, and going on an extended hiatus. No more albums, no more appearances, more shows…just going home.

As the show was coming to a close, the entire production crew gathered stage left to watching the band perform one last time…and you could tell that even the guys still behind the scenes were mailing it in and just having fun at that point…

Not A Drummer

(Winston Marshall is the main guitar & banjo player for M&S, not a drummer.)

…and we were there to see it all unfold. And aside from ungodly traffic getting back to the hotel, we couldn’t have scripted a more perfect night of great music.

Saturday was our day of doing: the Boulevard Brewery tour (brewer of some of our favorite beers, and something I’ve been wanting to do for years) in the morning…

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with k1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset Missy Sampling

…shopping all afternoon in the Country Club Plaza…

48 hrs in KC 11

…and of course, grabbing some local grub in between:

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

Tom and Miss at Blanc

Bison Burger with Smoked-Gouda-and-bacon-topped-fries, what what?!

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

So. Good.

Oh, and one last fun Boulevard note: they hand out bottle cap tokens to sample their brews at the end of the tour, only rather than the standard Boulevard Bottle Cap they are, well…different.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Shiny brass as opposed to matte black.

Miss and I have been saving caps in hopes of one day making a table top with them, and thought it would be awesome to have a few from our of our favorite breweries that you could only get at said brewery…only, we didn’t want to give up our free samples!

Leave it to Missy, with her A-Type-Personality ability to strike up a conversation with even a rock, got to talking to the bartender about our predicament. One thing led to another and before you know it, she was shoveling fist-fulls of caps into Missy’s purse for us to use…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

…talk about a total score!

We saved one of KC’s best BBQ restaurants for last on Saturday night: Jack Stack. Of course, there was an hour wait, so we…feeling adventurous…grabbed a beverage incognito-like at the dim-lit German beer (Bier) hall next door.

Processed with VSCOcam with k1 preset

However, the hour wait ended only being 25 minutes…so Miss had to down her last sips and grab the table while I paid the bill. Can’t complain too much I guess!

Even though we’ve both been to Jack Stack before, we both love the ambiance: exposed brick walls, 20-foot-high timber framed ceilings…and of course, we both love the ‘cue.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

After our meal, and after all that walking, shopping, and eating…I’m almost embarrassed to say that we made a bee-line back for the hotel and were asleep by 10:30. In our defense, we were out until 1:00 the night (morning) before. We can’t remember the last time that happened!

Missy at Jacks

Not much to report on Sunday: we hit the road by 10:00 with our coffees in hand and made it home to our lovely ladies by nap time!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

You can say that the girls were a bit excited to see us, but they were in good hands the whole time we were gone with G-Ma, G-Pa, and Aunt Shan. They even sent this along on Saturday from their cook-out fun as proof they were fine without us:


Big, huge shout out thank you for watching our kiddos and keeping them safe while we enjoyed Kansas City to the fullest 😀

While we thoroughly loved our time away, and very pleased that we managed to accomplish everything on our To-Do list, we sure were glad to get home to our babes again. It was definitely a trip to remember…and definitely well worth the wait!

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2 thoughts on “48 Hours in Kansas City

  1. We love Blanc! The gouda cheese fries are awesome 🙂

    We were in Minneapolis the same weekend and loving every minute of couple-time. I know you guys appreciate the time away just as much as we do! Happy for you!

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