Tommy.  Today marks the 30th anniversary of your birth.  A new era.  Hopefully less life-changing events, but just as much, or exponentially more, joy than your 20’s.  Here is a list of 30 reasons you are amazing.

1- You do things without having to be asked to.  You may not think it is a big deal, but the fact that you do the laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc. without me having to ask you to help could possibly be the most attractive thing you do.  No flowers and romance needed.  Am I right ladies??

2- You had four daughters in two years.  You didn’t say you were going out for diapers and instead flee to Mexico.  You could have, but you didn’t.  You took fatherhood on like you were born to be a Daddy.  Our girls are so incredibly lucky to have you.

3- You are thoughtful.  You have never given me a gift that didn’t require a significant amount of time and planning in advance to a special occasion.  It truly is the thought that counts, and you win the gold medal in this event.

4-You are a hugger.  Not just for me.  For other family members, for friends.  Before I met you, I thought I was pretty affectionate, but your bear hugs put my squeezes to shame.  It makes me smile every time I see you hug someone because I know how good those hugs feel on the receiving end.

5- You eat what I cook.  Even when it is bad… and you never complain about it.

6- You are a talented artist.  Not a lot of people know this about you.  It runs in your family, you are an engineer, you design for a living… but you can really draw some awesome things.  I hope our girls inherit this quality from you because they can’t tell the difference between my drawing of a ladybug and my drawing of a cat.

7-You brew some really good beer.  Like REALLY good.  Not, “Yeah man I’ll try some of your homemade beer because I am too nice to say no.”  You make delicious drinkable beer.

8-You actually thank me often for staying home to raise our girls.  I cannot put into words how much I appreciate this.  With all of the articles floating saying being a stay-at-home parent is a thankless job, I am glad I do not experience this.  You could just assume I stay at home and watch soap operas while our children run amuck, but instead you express gratitude when you come home and see the house covered in glitter glue.

9- You are really smart.  Like sometimes scary smart.  You remember everything.  I’m sure this attribute will come back to haunt me in the future someday.  Just know I will never want to play Trivial Pursuit with you.

10- You are adventurous.  As long as it is not a spinning amusement park ride, or riding in the passenger seat of a car for an extended amount of time, you will try about anything.  I like that.  It keeps me dreaming.

11-You look for my phone every night when I can’t find it.  Sometimes this even means getting out of the warm bed you have already made yourself comfortable in.

12-You research everything.  I know that sometimes I get frustrated because I am a very decisive person, but I really do appreciate that you take time to look into making the best decisions for our family.

13- You do all the right voices when you read to our girls.

14-You are a great guitar player.  From day one it was one of the things that attracted me to you.  Girls like guitar players okay?  I know you don’t get to play even close to the amount you would like, but I still smile every time I hear you strumming away and I know our girls love it too.

15- You write in all capital letters.  If you were my student, this would drive me crazy.  But you are not, and its a little thing about you that I love.

16- You love Jesus and aren’t afraid to proclaim it.

17- You like to travel.  I love going on adventures with you.  Whether it is a grand trip to Italy , a mission trip to Africa, or a weekend away to Kansas City.  Any excursion is an adventure with you and I love seeing new places with you by my side.  I can’t wait to start taking the girls with us on some of these adventures.

18- You’re an Eagle Scout.  I know, that sounds funny coming from your wife, but there is something about the character of a guy who has been through the scouting program.  Outdoorsmanship, brotherhood, honor…all great qualities you embody.

19- You cry every single time we watch the videos of our girls being born.  I can’t really explain this one.  I don’t like seeing you cry, but to know that those events are so emotional for you still to this day warms my heart. Sorry if sharing this with the world embarrasses you, I just think it is really great.

20- You live across the street from your in-laws and you like it.  Hello.  I know we both wish that we could have all of our family members live even within the same time zone, but since that is not our reality, you embrace the importance of having family around, bloodline or not.

21-You held every baby while they got their shots because I was too chicken to do it.

22- You blog about our family.  Sometimes you want to stop writing this blog because you are sure no one reads it.  Even though I know we have at least a few loyal readers, I want you to know how much I appreciate you documenting our lives in this manner.  Even if no one else reads it, I do.  I know our girls will love to read all of this stuff later on in their lives and I am sure that these posts will be the one of the only links I have to remembering the past due to my horrible memory.  I love reading your writing, you are really good at it…please keep doing it. 🙂

23- You take on a herd of children at 5:25pm every day even though you have had a long day of work just so I can have an hour alone to prepare dinner without someone crawling all over me.

24- Your laugh lights up a room.  Anyone who has heard you laugh really really hard knows what I am talking about.  The kind of laughter that takes time to calm down from.  It is one of the sources of true joy in my life.

25- You still haven’t stopped pursuing and dating me.  It’s awesome.  I’m convinced that it’s a key to a happy marriage.

26- You are happy eating a four-course meal at a fancy restaurant dressed to the nines in a suit and tie.  You are just as happy wearing flannel, sitting around a bonfire eating brats and having a beer.  I love that about you.  Easygoing. Versatile.  Wonderful.

27- Jovie: “I love Daddy because he takes silly pictures with me, he kisses me and hugs me, and he does nice drawings for me.”DSC_0430 DSC_0433

28- Rowan: “I love my Daddy because he plays with me, hugs and kisses me, and he has brown eyes just like I do.”DSC_0425 DSC_0428

29-Sienna: “I love Daddy because he plays pretend lions with me, he always hugs me when he comes back from work, and he is big and strong.”DSC_0441 DSC_0442

30-Lola: “Daaaa-deeee.  Puppy. Kitty. Moo. Lalo. Yion. More.”DSC_0456 DSC_0454

I got the welcome you into your 20’s, and now all five of your “girls” get to welcome you into your 30’s.  We love you.  Happy Birthday Tommy.DSC_0408 DSC_0516

Do you have a favorite thing about Tommy or a great memory to share?  Please tell us in a comment below or on facebook if you prefer!  I know it would totally make his day!


9 thoughts on “30

  1. My favorite thing about Tommy is that he is a hugger. I often say to myself, “I wish I was a hugger like Tommy.” For real. And…. his laughter. Tommy, you just a guy that people want to be around. Cheers!

    Happy Birthday Tommy!

  2. I graduated from Southern Sem with Mona and I love reading your blog! Tommy I have never met you but you sound like an awesome husband and Daddy! You have a beautiful wife and 4 beautiful girls. Happy Birthday!

  3. My favorite family blog hands down. Always brings tears to my eyes. You guys get how blessed you are. It’s beautiful that the world can share in your joy too. Happy 30th, Tommy. You have a great wife and some seriously cute little cherubs there. I think Lola’s comments to you were my favorite. 🙂

  4. Tommy, I always read your blog! I read it and think “Did I know this man would someday be a wonderful writer when he was sitting in my fifth grade class?” No, but I am certainly glad you are because your writing has made me laugh out loud, at times given me something to think about, and a sense of pride in knowing you. Happy birthday! And Missy..I’ve never had the honor to meet you, but Tom is also a lucky man. You are an awesome writer too, and a wonderful mom!

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