Uh Oh…

Guess what day it is?! Guess. What. Day. It. Is.

Camel Text

Alright, I’ve now fulfilled my monthly quota of attempting to be both humorous and relevant. We now return to your regularly scheduled blog post.

Actually, there isn’t much more to say than just that: today is Missy’s birthday! Sorry, no new tumblr this year…but if you’re feeling up to it, I’m still accepting entries for the original edition 😉

Random Musings 1

(^) Favorite.

But if you’re not feeling that ambitious, I know she’d still love to hear from you today! (No, seriously…do it now. I’ll wait.)

Back? Ok then 😀

Missy, I know that you don’t think that this year isn’t quite as exciting as last year’s milestone event…but believe me, your girls and I know that today is a day worth celebrating YOU from start to finish, no matter how many years young you’re turning!

Missy's Girls

You deserve all of the love and praise sure to be showered upon you today. I don’t know anyone else who could handle as much as you each day, go to bed, and wake up the next with a smile as big as yours on their face ready for the next challenge. Heck, I know I couldn’t do it! So enjoy your day, m’lady…your girls and I will be here right beside you making sure that’s it’s the best yet.

Happy birthday, Missy!


One thought on “Uh Oh…

  1. Missy, you are the creme’ de la creme’ of wives and mothers. Who could ask for more? You go above and beyond with all you do and you wear your faith in God honorably. These pictures of you are incredible and the faces of joy, and contentment with your life, are reflections of that. We are so proud of you, Missy. Happy, happy birthday sweet girl.

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