I recently listened to an interview where a journalist interviewed over 100 people on the subject of happiness and joy in their lives.  The main conclusion from the research found that the most truly joyous people were also the people that expressed the most gratitude.  Thankfulness and joy.  Hand-in-hand.

It has always been extrememly important to me to raise our girls to be thankful.  It goes beyond saying “Thank you” as a manners tactic, I want them to have gratitude for the many blessings they have in life.  I know people may get annoyed at how often I make our girls say ‘thank-you’, even for small things, but we know that it is really important to us and we also know it is paying off.  Every so often one of our older girls will say an unpromted thank-you, usually for a fun activity we took them to.  Just the other day we were getting back in the van after trick-or-treating, frozen, tired, Lola was losing it…and I was about to complain to Tommy when Sienna spoke up and said, “Thanks so much for taking us trick-or treating, it was fun!”  I don’t know what it is about unprompted thank-yous from small children, but it always turns us into a pile of sweetness goo.

I know a lot of people share things they are grateful for on each day in November in many differnt ways, and I wanted to come up with an idea to get the whole family involved with this expression of gratitude.  DSC_0295

We love trees at our house, so I thought a “Thankful Tree” would fit us well.  Each day we write one thing we are thankful for on a paper leaf and then we get to stick it to our tree. DSC_0289 I would love to tell you that each leaf is sentimental and deep but….

DSC_0300I can’t blame her.  I am thankful for ice cream too.  Little things and big things.  It doesn’t really matter.  I just wanted a way to pause and think about what we are grateful for each day.  My plan was to just keep it up for the Month of November because I don’t really decorate for Thanksgiving… but maybe it will stick around longer because we are really thankful for the blessings God has given us.



3 thoughts on “Thankful.

  1. What a wonderful idea!!! I think we, as adults, need to do this every day. We many times forget to thank God each morning for all of our blessings! What great character you two have and are instilling in your 4 girls…to be positive and encouraging to each other…and to all!

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